Filesonic stops Sharing functionality, it's just Backing up now!

So I was surfing the internet and suddenly got a news about popular File-sharing website, or should I say File-storing or Backup website.

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Megaupload file hosting stopped

So here's a very recent news, about the Mega-sites, which have been seized.

For those who don't know what Mega-sites are?

Mega-sites are/were file-hosting services which provided  you the facility to download files, uploaded by others, which was beneficial to share files in a Large Number.

So exactly what happened wrong with them?

Recently These Mega-sites (like,, etc.) have been shut down because they were believed to be involved in copyright infringement.

Way To Learn Which works for anyone

So Today I'm gonna give you some tips on how to learn. These tips will help you to learn and attend lectures (if any!) properly.

So are you afraid that you'll pass this session or not?
Do you think, " I try to study, but my grades don't reveal my full potential."
"Are you bored of not being able to study?"
This Post will give you answer or method to do it.

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"Studying is necessary before you can commence doing Experiments."

Translate a Website with Google Translate NO BARS, NO PLUGINS, NO REQUIREMENTS

So here I'll present a way to translate a website using Google translate, with no plugins, requirements or bars/installations; Just a few simple steps, working in any browser.

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Youtube starts movies hosting! which is just amazing

So i was surfing internet, as usual and reached youtube, our own most popular video hosting website. So let's continue our story, when I reached, I saw many new videos, Then suddenly something very unusual happened.

This is the screenshot of Youtube Movies Section:

I saw a small "movies" icon, my first click in my mind was that it would be a collection of a bit bigger videos. Personal Experience Review-It pays

So today, here I'm gonna discuss about, a new money-making concept, that has reached the today's market. It's a superb company and will give you what you need that is money.

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So let me first let me show you some of it's highlights:

Why & When to Think of your Blog Statistics?


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 You know sometimes I also think that hey my blog ain't getting traffic, But don't care about, it's NOT YOUR MATERIAL THAT'S WRONG.

"What to blog?" Sometimes a tough question-Full FAQ GUIDE

So guys today, I today we're going to think about about What to Blog?
Sometimes I think today I'm gonna do a lot of Blogging But then a really wierd question click my mind. "Hey Man what are you gonna write on your blog?"

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This is full inspirational guide if you really want to blog.

Then the answer which my conscience gives, is simple, "Just blog What's on your mind!!!!!" SO now my mind still says What to blog? lol, So I decided to blog on the same.
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