Twilight: Breaking dawn Part 2-How it should have ended

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I saw a mind-blowing video on an alternative ending of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, I loved it. So I decided to tell you all, about it. And yes, I'm not affiliated with the organisation, how it should have ended (HISHE).

First, Here comes the video:

See the Youtube link below:
Some Spoilers, heads up:

As you can see they got a very good notion of an alternative ending to the movie, where the volturi, the villains of the movie before battling see future through Alice supernatural powers, as seen in the main movie.

But in this ending Aro, the leader of volturi, thanks Alice for showing him the Future & see what to beware of, & win the battle. In the end Bella, Edward & everyone else die, except Jacob & Bella's Daughter, Renesmee Cullen.
Isn't it a very innovative idea!


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