Watch on Youtube- Rebel (2012) Telugu with Subtitles Full Movie Online

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Today, I'd like to show you the link to watch Rebel (2012) Telugu Movie with subtitles Full Online on Youtube, one of the classic Bollywood Comedies, along with a review of it.


Well, this is a very good Action South Indian movie, starring Tamanna Bhatia & Prabhas as the lead role-players. It's a movie with perfect story platform for Action & has some good songs too. I personally liked the song "Google" very much.

In the tale, Rishi (Prabhas) is a guy, who has been sent to Bangalore, by his father, because he wants him to be a sober guy, unlike himself. But Rishi is influenced by his Father's life & prefers violence. In Bangalore, Rishi falls in love with Deepali, who takes him to her Orphanage. Rishi then disguises himself & Deepali & goes as a sober guy, in front of his father. The father likes it. But Rishi's true character is revealed during an attack on his father by an enemy. Rishi saves him, his father is a little angry, but then sees that Blood Traits can never be changed. So Rishi & Deepali decide to marry.

During a puja, Rishi & his Father had to separate & in that time, the enemy is joined by a traitor in the home to assassinate Bhupati, Deepali & Rishi's mother. The enemies, then tell them that they'll now not be able to find the Traitor.

But then how will the tale advance? Tamanna Bhatia hasn't still been introduced. Let's see what happens next & how Rishi finally gets Revenge?


So watch the complete movie in Telugu, with Subtitles online using the following Youtube Link:

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