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I'm here gonna display a very unique movie to you today. It's a short review review for the latest movie, Lootera (2013) along with its link to watch the Full Movie Online on Youtube.


The lead Actors are Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha, both of whom are the growing young Charm of the Bollywood Film Industry.

The tale is based upon O. Henry's "The Last Leaf" & is a very good epitome of True Love story. A young person, named Varun visits Manikpur in West Bengal for excavation in Zamindar's Temple Grounds. The Zamindar & his family get highly impressed from Varun's abilities & thinking, beyond his Age limits. Varun and Zamindar's only daughter, Pakhi, get closer, being impressed by Varun's high Standard Abilities.

But with Great Power come great responsibilities (Varun's doesn't have supernatural powers :P). Varun has something hidden in his PAst life & now faces a dilemma to choose between Pakhi & his Past life.

What would be the decision? Will Varun & Pakhi stay together or not? Probe it out in the movie!


So, in order to watch Lootera (2013) Full Movie online on Youtube, visit the following Youtube link:

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