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Today I'd be ecstatic to show you the link to watch Taal (1999) Full Movie online on Youtube, an adorable movie.


Well this film has a story full of a girl's determination & is a classical romantic movie. It's theme song is quite a hit & even currently, after 14 years, is still listened by numerous fans.

*maybe some spoilers now*

It's story is about three persons, Manav, Mansi & Vikrant. Manav is an NRI & the son of a billionaire and his family is shown to be overconfident & believers of materialism. One day a visit to Chamaba, Himachal Pradesh, by Manav and his family, yields something more than a visit. Manav falls in love with Mansi (a young girl, Aishwarya Rai), who is a folk dancer & very good at folk dance and music, but belongs to a normal family with Sanskars.

You see where the story is going, right! One day, Mansi and her father Tarababu visit Manav's place and are insulted disrespectfully, simply due to the difference between the 2 classes. That day, Mansi decides to show Manav and his family the truth and become a popular folk dancer. Vikrant, a music composer of an entertainment company, helps Mansi do so, and also falls in love with Mansi in the process.

Now Manav has also traced Mansi. She is now in dilemma of choosing one of the two, Vikrant or Manav, as the love of her life. Let's see what is her choice.

Personally I recommend, she should go with Vikrant, what do you say?


So in order to watch the complete movie online, us the Youtube link, given below:

Watch Now


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