Watch on Youtube- Joru Ka Ghulam (2000) Full Movie Online

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In today's presentation, I'll bring in front of you, the link to watch Joru Ka Ghulam (2000) Full Movie Online on Youtube. <


Yep! This movie came right after the beginning of Twenty First century & is a total comedy film, featuring Bollywood's popular comedian, Govinda.

This film will rock you totally. It's a story about Wealthy Dyaneshwarprasad Pitamber (Kader Khan), who has four daughters, having their names after Goddesses, but are a menace for Pitamber as they are naughty & refuse to marry. Their names being  Lakhsmi, Saraswati, Parvati, and Durga. So for the solution & marriage of atleast one of his daughters, Pitamber asks for Raju to marry atleast one of them.

But Raju's id, clothes & stuff is taken at airport, by Raja & Kanhaiya, who want to marry the Rich Pitamber's daughter. But when Raja disguises & reach Pitamber's house as Raju, Pitamber is suspicious and asks the new Raju to arrange for three other grooms, otherwise there will be no marrying.


O my God! How would the disguised Govinda (Raja in real) find other grooms? Will they be able to? Let's see.

I hope you liked the movie.

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