Watch on Youtube- Action Replayy (2010) Full Movie Online

Hey Fellas!

Today let's watch another movie online on Youtube, along with its little review by me, Action Replayy (2010) Full Film.


Action Replayy is another very nice movie, having superstars Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai, as the lead role-players. Science-Fiction, Romantic and Comedy would be its genre. It's quite a unique movie, as far as the category is concerned, because there are only some Indian Movies, having Sci-fi genre.

It's a tale about Bunty & Tanya. Both love each other & should get married, but there's an issue: Bunty has a phobia for marriages and therefore is not eager to Tanya's proposal. The reason of the fear: the terrible quarrels of his parents. Now, Tanya takes forces Bunty to her grandfather, who's a scientist & only after sometime, Bunty finds out that her grandfather has created a Time-Machine.

Now, Bunty cooks a queer plan to re-write his Parents' History, so that they love each other. But will everything go as planned?


So to see the Full Movie & find out more about Bunty's predicament and the solution, watch the Full Movie online on the following URL:


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