Watch on Youtube- Jatt Airways (2013) Full Movie

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Today it's time to talk about the awesome Punjabi movie, Jatt Airways (2013) along with link to watch it fully online.


(Maybe a few spoilers in the description!)

Jatt Airways is one of those funny movies, which Punjabi movies are known for. It's another epitome of the hilarious Punjabi movies.

The tale is full of laughter & drama. It's about two brothers, Garry Harry who want to marry 2 sisters, but some bad incident always occurs when they try to approach the girls. There are quite a lot of fights too, even with the cops. Accompanied by many twists the guys don't give up & stay persistent on finding ways to get those girls. The appearance of a supernatural soul provokes funny horror & makes one think the cause behind that?


So to watch Garry, Harry & their funny trials, see the full movie, Jatt Airways online, using the following Youtube link:


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