Watch on Youtube- Bhoot Unkle (2006) Full Movie Online

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Today I'll show you the Watch online on Youtube link for Bhoot Unkle (2006) Full Movie, along with its little review.


Bhoot Unkle is one of the Happy Family Movies. Jackie Shroff, the hero & Bhoot of this film, is a really nice actor & his goodness reflects here. The film has been shown many times on TV and has been liked.

It's about a kid (Shyam), who is mistread & mistaken. One day a girl in Shyam's school loses her Gaming Device & after investigation it's found in Shyam's bag, who is punished then. Further on, a lost expensive chain of a student, is also thought to be Shyam's theft. Maybe, it could be a trap for Shyam!

Anyways, all we know is that Shyam is totally under suspect of all. The School's workers visit Shyam's house to find out about the Necklace, where they chase the running Shyam into an old building, believed to be the place of an old Spirit- Bhoot Uncle.


Will the old lighthouse, be another problem for Shyam, where he may find a Ghost, or will something else happen? Let's ind the answer out, by watching Bhoot Unkle (2006) Full Movie online on Youtube:


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