Watch on Youtube- Raja Babu (1994) Full Movie Online

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Today, I'm gonna present in front of you, a Hilarious Family Comedy Film Raja Babu (1994), along with a link to watch the Full Movie online on Youtube.


Raja Babu is really one of the best comedy films. If you wanna watch Govinda (who is prominent for his comedy) at his best, then this is an appreciable choice. "Winner of Filmfare Award for Best Comedian" also went to Raja Babu.

maybe a few spoilers:

The movie basically has a typical Happy Bollywood story, although there is not a scarcity of little Ups & Downs. The focus is on the hero, Raja Singh (Govinda), who with his remarkable comedy has put lively spirit into the story, to make it entertaining. Raja Babu (Raja Singh) is adopted child by a rich family. He is a nice guy, but just doesn't have the believed-to-be literate's manners. He roams here and there, with his sidekick Nandu, doing his own small errands. Now the former gets acquainted with Madhu, a beautiful girl. Raja Babu is attracted to her, so they both at first, agree for a relationship.

But then, coming to know about Raja's illiteracy, Madhu decides to reproach Raja for marriage and she does that in public, which is not good. Now, can our hero, Raja be able to do something about it and get his boat of love across the sea?


So in order to find out about Raja's tale, watch Raja Babu (1994) Full Movie online on Youtube, in the following URL:


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