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Today let's commence talking about -Banarasi Babu (1998), a very nice Govinda Film, along with its link to watch online on Youtube.


Class is what has been truly defined in Banarasi Babu (1998), on of the typical Govinda Films. Even today, after a lot of time since Govinda retired, there are still numerous fans of him and they adore his acting and the snicker he generates.

Watch out for a few spoilers, now:

The tale of Banarasi Babu deals with the a quite unique concept. Govinda plays the role of Banarasi Babu, from Banaras :P, named Gopi and is displayed to be a serene person, having the Sanskaars of the Indian Family. He gets married to a girl named Madhu, who has recently returned from foreign and has been shown to be a Ecstatic person, with not so timid attitude.

Gopi has an urge to live in Banaras only, with his mother, but Madhu wants to live somewhere else. So not after a long time, they separate and Gopi's mother instructs Gopi to get her daughter-in-law back. So Gopi gets determined to bring Madhu back and commences probing her in foreign places, like Singapore.


Now, will Gopi be able to find his partner? If yes, will he be able to get her back? To find out what happens next, watch Banarasi Babu (1998) Full Movie Online on Youtube below:


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