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Today let me make you have a glance of Iqbal (2005), a very innovative and inspiring film, along with its URL to watch it online on Youtube.


Iqbal is really a great film, that inspires a lot. It deals with the fact that it does not matter what others think about you, if you believe in something, you might really be able to achieve it as Believing is the first task after which How-To follows spontaneously.


The story of Iqbal is about a young boy, ofcourse, named Iqbal only. He is deaf and mute, so it's obvious that the society (including his Father) thinks of him as little less capable. But Iqbal is wonderful at Playing Cricket. So, although his father doesn't want him to choose Cricket as a profession and urges him to work in Fields like the former itself, Iqbal with some encouragement from his sister joins a Cricket Academy led by a former Cricket Guruji.

Iqbal shines like a star in that too, winning a lot of matches, but when Iqbal's fierce ability threatens a rich Star Player of the Academy, whose father also funds it, Gurji forces Iqbal out of the place, to be safe from being bankrupt. Iqbal's sister again aids him to find another retired prominent cricketer, Mohit, who is a drunkard now, for training Iqbal.

So Iqbal's Cricket still persists and soon, he is given a chance to join the Andhra Pradesh's Rajhi Team, which is displayed to be not so powerful, but with Iqbal's abilities, the team wins numerous matches. But in the form of another menace, Iqbal is offered a bribe in the Final match. The real Predicament is that Iqbal needs the money owing to his seriously ill Father.

So let's see what happens next.


So will the young Iqbal take the bribe? OR will he not do it, in order to succeed? Let's see what happens in this tough dilemma. Watch Iqbal (2005) Full Movie Online on Youtube, using the following URL:


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