Watch on Youtube- Padosan (1968) Full Movie Online

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Padosan (1968) is one of the best movies of All-Time in Indian Bollywood Cinema. So today, let's take a peek for its short description and then watch the Full Movie online on Youtube.


Oh Boy! I watched Padosan (1968) for the first time a long time ago and now, it makes one recollect the awesome moments. It is such a superb film that even some of the today's kids like watching it and its hilarious comedy. Led forward by Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu, Mehmood, Kishore Kumar, etc., the film features one of the biggest stars of Bollywood Cinema and I believe that this film will never be forgotten.

Not only the laughter, story, roleplay, etc. but the old effects in the movie makes one recollect the moments of past and cherish them.

The tale of the movie is serene and total entertainment. It's about a simple guy named Bhola, who falls in love with Bindu, his neighbor. Now, Bhola needs to attract Bindu somehow, because let's be real! Simple looks don't attract girls easily and this was the story of the past too, not only today. Anyhow, let's be persistent with the story, Bhola attracts Bindu with his beautiful voice. But that sound is not his. He asks his friend's (naming Guru) help, to sing in the background and lie to Bindu.

Now, Bindu also has a music teacher, who also tries to hit on her. So a battle between Guru singing in the background and the Music Teacher begins. But eventually, Bindu chooses Bhola. But that's not all folks! after some time, Bindu finds out about Bhola's lie.

OMG!!! This could completely change the story and its events. What would happen next? Will Bindu refuse to talk to Bhola for eternity?


So to find out what happens with Bhola's and Bindu's lives and the turn of events, watch Padosan (1968) Full Movie online on Youtube, in the following link:


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