Watch on Youtube- Viyah 70 KM (2013) Full Movie Online

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Viyah 70 KM yet again, like many other prominent Punjabi Movies, is an addition to the Hilarious Punjabi Movies lot & today we're gonna talk about the same, along with a watch online on Youtube link for it.


Fun, fun, fun is the motto of this awesome Punjabi movie and I think they've accomplished their goal towards that spirit, very well. Featuring stars like Binnu Dhillon, Harish Verma, Geeta Zaildar, Jaswinder Bhalla & Aarti Chabaria, you will be made to laugh your socks off, by this film.

The tale is based on three guys, Aman, Sunny and Lakha (Cool typical names for a marvellous comedy right?). They're actually friends with unique relation as they all have dichotomous ideologies about relationships and love with a girl. Aman adores single life, Sunny is little on the extreme side, believing that girls are totally deceitful, whereas our boy Lakha is also a little on the opposite extreme finding girls to be very-very attractive and has a want to marry as early as possible.

Now, somehow Lakha manages to arrange for his wedding, but Aman and Sunny wreck the plans and now Lakha has an urge for revenge an wants to teach the two friends a lesson.


So to see what Lakha does to ensure a change of attitude (if any!) of his friends, watch Viyah 70 KM Full Movie Online on Youtube in the following link:


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