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Baazigar is one of the epitomes of good thriller movie that Bollywood has produced. Today let's have a review on it, along with the link to watch the Full Movie online on Youtube.


Baazigar (1993) is a classic Bollywood movie with a nice display of a "Crime", "Thriller" based story, where outcome cannot be easily predicted. It has secured 8/10 rating on IMDB, which is ofcourse a rating of High-quality good movies. The film is full of twists & turns. It's song "Baazigar O Baazigar" is very famous & remembered even today.

A little about the tale now (not complete description):

The story of Baazigar is about Revenge. Revenge by a family, struck by the evil doings of family Head's co-worker. Vishwanath Sharma, in his big business group, has as his manager, Madan Chopra. One day, Vishwanath finds out about the corruption for money, by Madan Chopra. So the former takes a strict action & gets Madan in Jail.

After completing his period of sentence, Madan Chopra returns to beg Sharma for mercy and again hire him. Vishwanath doesn't want to do so, but seeing Chopra's daughters' innocence, he agrees. But still Madan Chopra hasn't improvised. Infact, this time, he plots an evil plan to destroy the Sharma Family, which he succeeds to some extent by Vishwanath Shrama's fatality. Sharma's wife also gets mad by the thunder-stroke. Power of attorney is also now with Chopra. But the tale is not over yet.

Actually, it has just commenced. The young son, Ajay Sharma (Shahrukh Khan) grows and decides to take revenge for Chopra's evil deeds.

Let's see how the story progresses and will Ajay be able to do something for his family, by watching the Full Movie online on Youtube for Free. The film also features more details, than the description, to add some more twists in the story itself.


So you can watch the twists in the tale yourself, by watching Baazigar Full Movie online on Youtube, in the following link:

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