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Today, let us see another nice animated film online, Ghatotkach (2012) on Youtube, Full Movie available to watch for Free, in Hindi Language.


Ghatotkach ( OR Ghatotkacha) is historically, a very important character, who played a significant role in the story of the Epic Mahabharata war. His loyalty, humbleness and the great strength is prominent in Hindu mythology. Ghatotkach played a turning role in Mahabharata to get the war in favor of Pandavas' win.

Maybe a few spoiler:

Ghatotkach is the son of the mighty Bheem, of the Pandavas and the giantess, Hidimb. Due to such a unique upper generation, Ghatotkach was born half-giant and half human. During the childhood only, Ghatotkach commenced displaying traces of his divine hereditary powers. Also later on, Ghatotkach received a boon from Krishna, to have powers more than anyone in the World, except the Lord Krishna himself.

From the smaller tales in childhood to the bigger climax, all have been shown in the film. Also, Ghatotkach was very loyal and agreed to the orders of his father Bheem, so ofcourse he was on Pandavas side. His mighty powers were leading to the fatality of Kauravas. If something wasn't done decisively by the Kauravas, they would lose already!


So in order to watch Ghatotkach's inevitable role in the Mahabharata and his life story, watch the Full Animated film, Ghatotkach (2012) in Hindi Language Full Version online on Youtube here:

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