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Today, I'd love to show you one of my all-time favorite movies, that I've adored from childhood, Mr. India (1987 ) review, along with the link to watch the Full Movie online on Youtube for Free.


Mr. India is an Epic movie, that not only I but many others have found it to be Mind-blowing in their childhood. It's storyline, Action & drama attracted many, making it a hit popular film, which people have still not forgotten about. Not only children, but the movie proved to be superb, even for the adults of that time. It has attained 7.9/10 rating on imdb, which is fabulous for an Indian Bollywood movie and that too, the one which released quite a long time ago.

Mr. India's story features Arun (Anil Kapoor) as Hero, Seema (Sridevi) as Heroine, Mogambo (Amrish Puri) as the Legendary Villain & Calendar the Cook (Satish Kaushik). So a lot of big names, isn't it! This film has especially been known to display one of the best Villain roles in Bollywood, Amrish Puri as Mogambo, which was the name that became prominently famous & also a little frightening for children!

Story's little description (not complete) now:

The tale shows Arun as a jolly Young man, who has a lot of values for orphans and wants to do something for them, even though he himself is under the clutches of debt. Arun rents a big house, where he takes care of many other orphans, living for and with them, also taking the help of Calendar the Cook. Soon after due to the debts, Arun tries to find a tenant for a room in the house, which he gets in the form of Seema.

Further on, there's Mogambo, a rich evil, wanting to control the world, who causes chaos all over. Also, Arun comes to know about his father's leftover in the form of an Incredible device (a watch), enabling its wearer the power to be invisible except when hit with red Light. So could the paths of stories of Mogambo, the Evil and Arun's late father's invention collide? Let's check it out, by seeing the Full Movie, Mr. India (1987) online on Youtube, for Free.


So watch the full movie, Mr. India (1987) online on Youtube in the following URL:

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