5 steps to Sign out of all Logins on Google Account

Hey People!

Recently I posted a method to remotely sign out of all Logins on Facebook, in case you forgot to Sign out previously on another device and you're worried that your Account might be compromised. Similar service is also available for Google Accounts.

So Today, I wanna tell you, how to Sign out of all previous Logins, in case you have a Google Account and you forgot to Logout previously. The Logins are again, technically termed as Sessions. This Google Account can be associated with Google's Services like Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Adwords, Adsense, Google+, etc.


This thing is useful, especially in case when you forgot to Sign out at a public place. Also you might need it, in case a friend of yours somehow gets your Password & Signs in to your Account, you can Sign him out, from another device and get your Google Account back.

This service might also be utilizable in case you think someone else has signed in to your Account, from a Strange location, as it also displays the Sign-in history.

Here also, the term "Session" is used instead of Sign-ins and rightly so, the former is more relevant. It tells that Sign-in was made for a particular time, before Google automatically Signs you out.

By the way, if you wanna know a way to prevent Hacking of your Google Account, by adding Extra Security to it, using a 2-step password entering system, where a Fresh Passkey is sent to your Mobile, in short, it's like a system, which protects your Account from hacking, to some extent, official provided by Google as 2-Step Verification, see that method at the following post:

View Now


So in order to Signout of all past logins & to view if any suspicious Activity was made in to your Account, see the following steps:

1. Sign in to your Google Account. You need to access Gmail, so straightaway visit Gmail.com to Sign in.

2. Wait for Gmail to load. "Basic html" version is not recommended.

3. In the Gmail interface, click on small "Details" link on the bottom right-ish corner of the page.

(Some editing has been made in the below image to hide personal data, the rough one is editing!)

4. A new pop-up window will show your Sign-in history, you can check that for suspicious Activity & finally you can use the "Sign out all other Sessions" option, to Sign out of all past Sign-ins.

5. Finally, Don't forget to Sign out of your Current Session or Sign-in, as you normally do.

That's it!


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