Myrna Braza-Go! a magnificent song

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Songs are really a great part of one's life. They calm us down when we need, they make us even happier on the occasions. Overall, they're agents of Happiness.

Today I wanna discuss about another nice song, which I came to know, while surfing the internet, it's one of my favorites, so I decided to write about it.

A song sometimes, is simply not just a tone you hear, sometimes one even attaches his emotions with it, so that when one listens to it again, he/she can cherish his moments again and be happy. That's why the choice of songs you listen to, is crucial. It can affect one's attitude & behavior more than he/she thinks. So as most of us (hopefully all :D) wanna be good people & good at their respective fields, we should employ only good songs for ourselves, you know, to have good thoughts.

One of these songs is "Go! by Myrna Braza". It's been sung very well, the music video is like Getting gold over Silver. The song is about freedom & the music video also displays a Girl trying to achieve good dancing. She doesn't attend classes & learns it on her own. One day, she gets so into dancing that she forgets that there are people around her, in the restaurant & in the fun, people also commence relishing the moment by dancing with her.

My favorite part of lyrics goes like this:

"There's no limit,
The world is at my feet,
Life's more than being,
Just make it sure that it is Free."

It's a wonderful song. If you haven't listened to it yet, I reckon you do it atleast once. Attach your own good times with it to live the moments to the fullest. Here the link to its Music Video:

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