2 Best Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2- A Thousand Years Official like Music Videos

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Twilight is negotiable topic. Lol! I'm saying this, because of the funny memes that have created on it and how some guys were forced to watch the movies with their girlfriends. But, fun apart, the Twilight film series is one of the Epic Movies of all time. That's definitely true! and as a Boyfriend, I also would've loved to watch it with my partner.

Although the story of twilight has culminated with its final Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 film, but its leasure has still been retained through the movie itself and its clip. And that's when the Official Music Videos also become handy.
Today I'd like to present 2 of my favorite "A Thousand Years Part 2" Official Twilight song, with Unofficial Music Videos (I'm not sure if they're Official or not!). The song is by Christina Perri featuring Steve Kazee too. These Videos are available on YouTube.

So as I said, Although the awesome Twilight series has ended, its fun is still intact in many of the fans and I think I'll also be in that Ilk. Mostly people look upon it as a Romance Film, but it has a pretty good Adventure tale too. So Romance-NON-lovers, don't get disheartened with this post.

Many a times, a song apart from being a song, also leaves its impact upon us. We embed our memories to it and when we listen to it again, a comeback is made by our pleasant thinking attached to the music. If that music is supported by a good video, the embedding process accelerates to double up the fun.

I think this is one of those songs and I wanna help you double up your pleasant memory retaining process, by providing good Official like (not sure if they're official videos) Music Videos, for A Thousand Years Part 2, with scenes from the Twilight Series. The song officially being sung by Christina Perri featuring Steve Kazee.


1. ∞Christina Perri - A Thousand Years, Pt. 2 (Feat. Steve Kazee) by Kolya952

This is the number 1 and probably the better one too, out of the two of my favorite contenders and I think the huge number of likes and views to that Music Video have proved the same. Some very good editing has been done by Kolya952, to add scenes from whole of the twilight series giving the complete 6:39 (6 Minutes 39 Seconds) Video.

Enjoy the video:

Here's the Video URL on Youtube, if you require, just in case:


2. Breaking dawn part 2 - A thousand years by Canal de lovebff15

Second on my list is the Video by Canal de lovebff15. Although it has lesser views than the previous one, but it still became my contender because of two reasons. One, The Video was uploaded about 17 days prior to the Official Movie release and has scenes from the trailers. Second, The Video only has the Christina Perri's part of the song in it. There's no featuring of Steve Kazee. I'm not saying this is bad or good.

But just mentioning the uniqueness of this Official Like Music Video for A Thousand Years part 2.

Enjoy the video:

If you require, you can have the Video's URL on YouTube too here:


So, I hope you liked the above 2 songs, based on my opinion.


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