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Fantasy, Adventurous movies are fascinating, they indulge the audience in a beautiful world, which makes the audience think about a parallel universe in their own way- being full of dreams. One of these is the classic Alibaba Aur Chaalis (40) Chor, based on the epic popular tale of Alibaba. Here, I'm talking about a movie or THE movie, which was released in 1980.

Also, I'd like to show you the way to watch the full movie, Legally and officially online on YouTube, currently available for free, uploaded on the Official Rajshri YouTube channel.


Alibaba Aur Chaalis (40) Chor is the one of the most popular tales, which thrills people with its fictional magic world. The movie was released in 1980, which brought into light one of the most unique Bollywood movies, especially at that time. So often, we see Drama based Bollywood films of the past, but this one is Magical & Adventurous. Dharmendra, Hema Malini & Zeenat Aman are the star Role Players of the film.

Some description now:

It's the story of the famous Alibba, a very well thought character. At the commencement, Alibaba is pauper. His father had left his family for work a long time ago, so he earns the hard daily bread for the family in the town of Gulabad. The father didn't make a comeback for a long time. But Alibaba hasn't lost the spirit and still tries hard for his sustenance.

A turn in the story of Alibaba had to happen and it is related to a magical place. Alibaba finds out that decoits keep their looted money and jewels in a magical cave, which takes a password to open and also a one to shut. With this truth in his hands, Alibaba commences taking the loot. But soon, a setback: a person close to him gets killed while trying to loot the place, as he forgot the password. Alibaba then gets to meet princess Marjeena and Fatima, who help him take revenge on Decoits, but another hidden truth follows!


So in order to watch the awesome Alibaba Aur Chaalis Chor superb tale, use the following link to YouTube:

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