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Youtube, along with the cooperation of movies' owners, has already commenced providing the next gen Internet movies watching experience, making it for its users to watch Full Movies online, some of them being free. The technology has gone next gen, but that doesn't mean people have to forget the awesome classic films of the past, they even have memories attached to them.

Today I'd like to show One of those, Nauker (1979), by a brief review and then the link to watch the Full Movie online on YouTube.


Nauker (1979) is very nice Entertainment Comedy Drama Classic movie with lots of fun and good storyline. Featuring Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bachchan, Jalal Agha, Mehmood, Madhu Malini & Yogeeta Bali for the leading roles, the High class actors have performed their job well in the film. The score of 6.9/10 , even being a Classic movie of earlier Bollywood, proves the same.

The tale is about Amar Babu, a rich man, who has all the peace in the world until he is hit with his wife's fatality, leaving a sweet angel like Daughter for him. Amar babu can arrange anything for his daughter, but the void of a missing mother will always reflect. So Amar is in a dilemma as he wants a kind, generous and as a whole Good-heart wife and a mother, who is not greedy of his money.

To this motion, Amar can get help from his Nauker (servant) Dayal, who is like a brother to him. With the pressure of marrying coming from relatives, Amar decides to disguise himself as Dayal to switch personalities, with a plan in mind. Afterwards, they visit someone, with Amar having an eccentric Crazy plan, which produces great comedy. Let's see if he's able to probe a suitable wife.


So, in order to see Amar Babu's story of finding a very fine wife, watch Nauker (1979) Full Movie online on YouTube, in the following URL:

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