Is it Legal to Download YouTube Video? {Clear Answer}

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Magnificent piece of work has been done by Google, by creeping through almost all factors of technology. YouTube is one of those, which keeps on running and as a matter of fact, I believe, after Google itself, YouTube is the second most influential Search Engine. Although many of you might know it, but it's still necessary to mention that YouTube is a Video Hosting Website, which has become prominent over the years and is improving every microsecond!

Today, I'm gonna talk about an issue that has been discussed more often than not- Whether it's Legal to Download Videos from YouTube?

The clear answer by me, based on some thinking and research on the topic of YouTube Downloading is (drumsssssssss! :D ) NO!!! it is not justifiable. Although, on a small scale user level, it is allowable, i.e. you won't be charged for YouTube Downloading, as a user (Non-commercial), 99.99% of the time.


First things first, it's mandatory to tell what YouTube is. As I mentioned earlier, YouTube is a Video Hosting Website, the best in the world, which allows you a variety of features for Uploading and Editing Videos with your Google Account. The best of all- it offers a huge chance to get traffic to your videos.

That traffic can further be harnessed to earn money, with the aid of AdSense ads showing in your videos from time to time. A lot of people have this measure of earning as their Main Full-time Work! And believe me, if it works for you, go for it! The best feature of it, then would be flexibility and freedom.


Now, YouTube, officially provides many Video Based features, but not downloading for users, i.e., ability to store videos on hard drive to then watch it even without Internet. Many might say, what's wrong with that? Well consider a case where all users get the ability to download Videos.

Then, everyone will watch a video online only once, leading to a considerable decrease in YouTube's Traffic, enough to cause damage to users whose main work is YouTubing, further leading to the reduction in the quality of Videos posted on YouTube, as the users uploading them might not be interested in small-scale user base.

That's How big this decision is! Therefore, to stop YouTube Downloading on a mass scale, an evidence was seen back in time when Android took its footsteps onto version 2.2 & 2.3, where many apps like Tubemate, were disallowed from Android Market, as a lot of people commenced using it, which is not good.

But now, the question arises - Why there are still a large number of YouTube downloading softwares, available. Well, speaking not from the paperwork, I personally think Google doesn't want to take a big action against YouTube Downloading (The one, by the use of External Software). I think they just want to keep things under balance. If any Youtube Downloader becomes a lot famous, there are chances that they will take an action!

Now, I'd like to know whether you agree with my views or not? What do you think about the mysterious topic of YouTube Downloading being Legit or not? Mention that with your comments or use the "contact me" option on the website.


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