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Punjabi Movies have their own masala and fun to watch. Another of the many examples that represent magnificent Punjabi Movies is Best of Luck 2013, featuring Gippy Grewal, Jazzy B, Binnu Dhillon, the big names of Punjab's films.

Today I provide you the way to watch this amazing movie online on YouTube, legally, available to watch for Free.


Best of Luck's full shooting is in Canada, setting up High standards straight away, which even get higher with big names like Binnu Dhillon, Jazzy B and Gippy Grewal being in it. Binnu Dhillon is a well-known Punjabi Actor & one of the best for comedy. Gippy Grewal & Jazzy B also play their parts well, both singing and acting in the film. Spoiler alert for story description now:

The tale of Best of Luck revolves around 3 guys, Kullu (Gippy Grewal), Happy (Binnu Dhillon) & Jazzy B (Goli). Kullu and Happy are pals from the commencement, whereas Goli is a gangster, but a good one-RobinHood like. The film's a love story so, Simran (Sonam Bajwa) is the one who Kullu is in love with & Happy like Kammo.

Kammo's brother straight-away rejects Happy as he wants a doctor to be Kammo's groom. Depressed Happy tends to commit suicide, but Kullu stope him & cooks a plan to kidnap Kammo's brother. But instead they mistakenly kidnap Goli (lol! What a mistake, deadly one). Goli threatens them, but then orders Kullu to go to the former's house for impressing his love Preet (Simran Kaur Mundi) as Goli. But Preet's father tries to reject the pretender Goli too. Let's see how the story unravels thereafter.


You can watch Best of Luck (2013) Full Movie online on YouTube below:


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