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One of the terrific principles based movies, wrapped up, beautifully in Indian movie styles is Diljale (1996), having a great Entertainment with knowledge, available for Free & Legally. (in hindi Language).


Diljale is an old classy Indian film, which reminded me of my childhood, when I watched it. The movies bases itself on a very inspiring principle of true citizenship & devotion to the country. Ajay Devgan & Sonali Bendre are the leading role-players, who have done their job decently well. Spoiler alert now.

The film displays the present, then goes to the past and again represents the present. It's the tale of Ajay Devgn as Sham, who in the past, was the son of the respectable & normal family. Being social workers, his father & mother taught him devotion for the country from childhood. Radhika (Sonali Bendre) likes Sham, studies in his college & leaves adorable letters for him everywhere, with no name. It takes Sham some time to find Radhika, but eventually he does and both fall in love with each other.

When Radhika's father, who is wicked rich man, gets acquainted with this, he order the policeman to arrest Sham's father and then Sham to beat them. Eventually Sham's father dies. Sham runs from the city & becomes a terrorist to rise against the corrupt Indian working system. Not knowing any of this, Radhika builds hatred for Sham. Will this twisted situation ever be resolved. Let's check it out in Diljale Full Movie in Hindi.


Watch Diljale (1996) Full Movie online in Hindi below:


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