Watch on Youtube- Dilwale 1994 Full Movie Online in Hindi

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It has rightly been said that 1990s are unforgettable. I also remember the awesome movies that were released during that period & now they help to enjoy thinking about the past. Dilwale (1994) is an epitome of that.

Today I bring hte link to watch the complete film online in Hindi, for Free, available legally.


Dilwale is quite a queer love story, featuring classic Action & Romance with Ajay Devgn, Sunil Shetty & Raveena Tandon as leading actors, the film will get you to the old world of 1990s in case you miss it.

The tale commences by displaying Arun Saxena as a patient in Mental Hospital, being visited by the Police and Advocate, to cure him. The guy first loved a walthy girl, Sapna & then got into Joti and further killed her. Quite tangled, isn't it! He was then sentenced to be hanged by the court. The decision was a like a Lightening Stroke for Arun.

He got depressed and eventually got sick Mentally, taking him to Mental Hospital. Police & the Advocate are trying to cure Arun for the culmination of him getting hanged. But is there more to the story than what it seems. Is Arun really Mentally striken! Watch all the suspense in this classic Action Movie in Hindi Online, on YouTube.


So here's the link to watch it online, on YouTube:


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