Watch on YouTube- Heer and Hero (2013) Full Movie Online

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Newer Punajbi have commenced to bring slight difference to their stories, still having pure laughter persistent. Heer & Hero (2013) is an example of that. Let's watch the Full Movie online on YouTube.


An uncommon Punjabi film is what I'll say about Heer and Hero (2013). This one is also a comedy but a different one considering the fact that there are quite some sitcoms in the story. Manissha Lamba, Arya Babbar, Gurpreet Ghuggi & Preet Bhullar are the lead role players of the movie.

The story of the film deals with Geet (Manissha Lamba) as an optimistic woman, looking forward to build her career. The 3 boys, Raj, Fateh and Bhupi, are in love with her and want to marry, whereas Geet is totally absorbed in her career. The interests are shaken when Geet's family fix her marriage. Raj, Fateh and Bhupi then help Geet to escape on her wedding day, in the crave of marrying her, whereas Geet is still career-oriented. Let's see who gets to marry her OR Geet doesn't choose anyone, in the try of building her life, in this Epic comedy journey.


So you may watch Heer & Hero (2013) Full Movie in the link below:


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