How to Unlock Twitter Locked Account

Hey Fellas!

Have you ever had your Twitter Account Locked, because you might have crossed its limits on Messaging, Following or Tweeting. To be honest, I have. But I committed an obvious mistake while trying to Unlock it which led me to have all sorts of speculation for its cause. So today I'm gonna tell that to you, so that you don't commit that error.

Remove Glitches from Games on Android

Hey guys

So, I'm posting after quite sometime and today I've decided to resurrect with a Post on Android Apps and Games & a really annoying glitch based upon them.

Is it Legal to Download YouTube Video? {Clear Answer}

Hey People!

Magnificent piece of work has been done by Google, by creeping through almost all factors of technology. YouTube is one of those, which keeps on running and as a matter of fact, I believe, after Google itself, YouTube is the second most influential Search Engine. Although many of you might know it, but it's still necessary to mention that YouTube is a Video Hosting Website, which has become prominent over the years and is improving every microsecond!

Today, I'm gonna talk about an issue that has been discussed more often than not- Whether it's Legal to Download Videos from YouTube?

The clear answer by me, based on some thinking and research on the topic of YouTube Downloading is (drumsssssssss! :D ) NO!!! it is not justifiable. Although, on a small scale user level, it is allowable, i.e. you won't be charged for YouTube Downloading, as a user (Non-commercial), 99.99% of the time.
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