3 Best Apps for Preparation before losing Android Phone

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With its widespread integrity and support for multifarious apps, Android has risen to be one of the top Operating Systems, from nowhere. Having said this, for an Operating System of this class, it important to have security too in it. For anything in the world, Security comes first, as without it, nothing else matters as nothing else is allowed to happen, without Security.

So today, I'd love to to show you the best 3 Apps, to protect your Android Phone, before losing it. So take a deep breath as I display them to you, don't worry about your phone. This rating is ofcourse according to me and some research (lol! quite a classy word!), I've done.

The 3 Apps are : Where's My Droid, Android-Lost & Android Device Manager. The basis of my choice is not that one is better than the other. It's just that (in a deep sense), these apps have distinct features, so you gotta decide which one out of the three suits you the most. So this post will also be like the difference between these 3 Best Apps. The general difference is:

Where's My Droid is partially free and provides good Basic services, without payment and even has the offline SMS feature to access phone's location, when it's not even connected to the Internet.
Android Device Manager has been provided by Google itself and is Official, so it has its uniqueness.
AndroidLost is almost Free and I think, more or less, a medium between Google's lost phone service and you, so kinda near to Official.

Reset App to Default like Newly Downloaded on Android

Hi Readers!

Android is a system based on Apps. For every feasible purpose, an app is utilized. People have even started cracking healthy jokes about it. Another simple method for better use of apps, is what I'm gonna show you today. I'll not be surprised, if you already know it.

Have you ever downloaded an Android App and found, in the first run, that a special video clip, images or notes are shown to guide you. For Example, controls of a game might be displayed, while running it for the first time. If you've ever missed that and want to see the first run of the app again, I'd like to show the procedure today.

Note: This small recommendation will make the app completely fresh, removing the Save Data and other app data (in case of bigger games). So make sure, not to use this method in case you wanna lose your current profile  & App Data.

Uninstall any Admin Android App

Hey Boys & Guys!

While using the famous Android Operating System, have you ever stumbled upon an app, which doesn't let you uninstall it? If yes (or even if your answer is No :P ), today I'm gonna talk about why some apps don't let you easily uninstall them and also, the way to uninstall them. Briefly speaking, this post will be about Administrative Android Apps.

The OS being used by me will be Android 4.4.4 (KitKat, the latest so far). I'm not sure about the methods in other Android versions, but I think, the settings should should be more or less similar.

Easily get subtitles for any Video on Android - Subloader

Hey Readers!

Subtitles is a topic a little into contradiction. While there are some people who like subtitles, others believe that Subtitles on a video aren't good, as they deviate your focus from the video itself. But yeah! I believe if you're newbie to a language, Subtitles are a great help, to understand a video.

So today, I'd like to show you, how to grab subtitles for any video on Android. No need to download the big video again, all you need to do is download the .srt Subtitles file, which is not large and will get your Video integrated with Captions on the Go!

What the App "Subloader" will do is- it'll itself search for the Subtitles and will bring you the best result and also integrate your Video with the Captions file. But yeah! only the popular videos like videos of movies or Episodes may bring good results, as there are some videos to which No Subtitles are available on the internet. This app works on Android OS. To open a video for which the subtitles have been downloaded & paired, you'll need a nice Video Playing App, one of the best of which is MX Player. You can see its review by me at:

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