Backup Bluestacks Online Installer as Offline

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So as the heading states, now, I'd like to talk about downloading Bluestacks complete setup (not Online Installer), only once, so that there won't be a need to download it again & again, while re-installing. That is, "Backup Bluestacks Online Installer as Offline" for the Future essence.

The heading may sound a little confusing, don't worry I'm gonna articulate some explanation about it, right now & I hope you understand it!

Note: There's already a post/article about Properly Downloading Bluestacks & Install, today, this a post for further use or you can say, tutorial about one of Bluestacks' features. So check the following URL for Installing & details about Bluestacks itself:

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Watch on Youtube- Raja (1995) Full Movie Online

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Today let's chat about watching Raja (1995) Full Movie Online on Youtube, along with a short-review of it. it's a classic film.

3 steps to Change App Screen Size in Bluestacks version 0.8

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Thank you for visiting. Featuring my own commentary, I've created a video to change App Screen Size in BlueStacks latest version 0.9, which I think you would like, so check that out:

Changing App Size was one of the crucial options of Bluestacks version 0.7. In version 0.8 (current latest on 18/3/2014), similar setting is present, it's location is a little different than Bluestacks 0.7. Today I'd like to articulate my views on that, i.e. Screen Compatibility of Apps in Bluestacks 0.8 also. Also, as an extra, if you wanna see how to Rightly/Properly install Bluestacks 0.8 on your PC, check the following post:

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Import Contact Files into Bluestacks version 0.8

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So some time back, I gave a post regarding Importing .vcf Contact Files in Bluestacks for PC, but that was for Bluestacks version 0.7 (older). First of all I'm gonna summon that article in the the following link:

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Now, I'd like to talk about importing the same .vcf (VCard) contact files to latest Bluestacks version 0.8, where the method & interface has transited a little.

Create new Contacts in Bluestacks version 0.8

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Recently, I added a post stating how to Properly install BlueStacks 0.8 on you PC, which should rectify few errors, if any, you get while installing latest Bluestacks 0.8, here's the post:

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Now, it's time to see a way to add new Contacts to Bluestacks 0.8 so that it could help you run Android Apps like Whatsapp, Line, Viber, etc. which require you to have contacts on your Android System.

Watch on Youtube- Racha hindi dubbed : Betting Raja (2012) Full Movie Online

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Today I wanna bring in front of (show you) the link to watch Betting Raja (2012)- Hindi Dubbed version of the Racha, a very popular Tollywood film starring Ram Charan Teja & Tamannaah Bhatia, who is one of my favorite actresses, for leading roles.

The movies's quality is upto 1080p (pixels) Full HD (High Defenition) & HQ (High-Quality).

Open all Settings in Bluestacks version 0.8

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Bluestacks has received its latest upgrade to version (to be exact), which is very smooth & good looking but the limitations being that its new Settings app doesn't provide all the options.

Today I wanna tell you the easiest way to view all the Bluestacks settings, including the previous ones (previous version's-0.7), for adequate preferences.

Properly Install Bluestacks Version 0.8 on PC

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Bluestacks has been a very useful software, right after it came, it got very popular & is still working pretty well, even though it's in Beta. Today we're gonna talk about its latest upgrade, version (currently), to be exact.

Loading the latest Bluestacks (:P), are you excited, like me:

Also, there will be a little chat about How to properly install it, along with an error's solution, if you're having problems while installing it. You know, sometimes errors occur even before starting Bluestacks. This post would be for Windows users only, not for Macintosh (Mac).

This post is not a promotion, but simply my review of Bluestacks 0.8, along with a method to install it.

Watch on Youtube- Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji (2011) Full Movie Online

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Today I bring in front of you, the link to watch Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji (2011) Full Movie online on Youtube, along with a tiny review of it.

Watch on Youtube- Bhoot Unkle (2006) Full Movie Online

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Today I'll show you the Watch online on Youtube link for Bhoot Unkle (2006) Full Movie, along with its little review.

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