Watch on Youtube- Bawarchi (1972) Full Movie Online

Hey guys!

Well, for a little change, let's have a hit Bollywood classic comedy with lesson, movie's review, along with the link to watch Full Version Online on Youtube.

Watch on Youtube- Pardes (1997) Full Movie Online

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Today I'd love to present another classic movie in front of you, Pardes (1997), review and the watch Online link on Youtube for Free.

Watch on Youtube- Baazigar (1993) Full Movie Online

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Baazigar is one of the epitomes of good thriller movie that Bollywood has produced. Today let's have a review on it, along with the link to watch the Full Movie online on Youtube.

Watch on Youtube- Lucky: No Time for Love (2005) Full Movie Online

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Salman Khan has been into a wide variety of movies. Now, I'd show you a unique movie's review, Lucky: No Time for Love (2005), along with the link to watch the Full Movie online on Youtube.

Watch on Youtube- No Entry (2005) Full Movie Online

Hey People!

No Entry has been one of the biggest Bollywood hits of 2005. Today I'd like to review it & show you the link to watch the Full Movie online on Youtube for Free.

Watch on Youtube- Mr. India (1987) Full Movie Online

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Today, I'd love to show you one of my all-time favorite movies, that I've adored from childhood, Mr. India (1987 ) review, along with the link to watch the Full Movie online on Youtube for Free.

Play Videos & Audios on Bluestacks for PC

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So recently, a queer thought struck my mind, also I was suggested by one of the comments by "Anonymous" in one my posts. This was about being able to play Media Files (Videos & Audios) on Bluestacks. Here the bigger question was "Why" rather than "How". Anyways, here is my analysis after trying to do so.

(I wanna write this all in a vivid, unbiased way, no offense to anyone. Although there are very less chances of offending here!)

Moonshine Visual Novel Game Review & Download

Hey Friends!
My Rating: 9/10
88.6 MB (Windows)

I've been into quite many Visual Novels in the recent past and Today also I'd like to review one of the best I've seen, Moonshine Visual Novel PC Game (both Windows & Mac) along with its link to Download from the Official Website. Also, considering it is available for Free, it's a work well done!

The Letter Visual Novel Game & Download Instructions

Hey folks!

37.4 MB Setup (Windows)

I've been recently searching for Visual Novel games, and have found quite fine ones. Today let's about anther Epitome, "The Letter", a short Visual Novel Game, its review and Download Instructions. It's available for Free.

From the Bottom of the Heart Review & Download -Short Visual Novel

Hey Pals!

About 10 MB Setup

Visual Novel Gaming is quite a unique concept focused entirely on the storyline and choice of talks. Today I'd like to articulate my views on an adorable Short Visual Novel tale, "From the Bottom of the Heart" along with its download instructions. The Short Visual Novel is available for Free.

Watch on Youtube- Gulaab Gang (2014) Full Movie Online

Hey Classic People!

Bollywood movies are known for their masala and their Emotional Drama stories, today let me show you a review for one of the recent movies, yet based on traditional Bollywood style, Gulaab Gang (2014), along with the link to watch the Full Movie Online on Youtube for Free, in Hindi Language.

Watch on Youtube-Prahlad (2007) Full Movie Online

Hey Fellas!

Animated movies have really impressed everyone, not only children, but the adults have also commenced liking the good-paced stories of Animated films. Today let me present another one in the same category, Prahlad (2007) movie's review and Watch online on Youtube link, currently available for Free, in English Language.

Watch on Youtube-Ghatotkach (2012) Full Movie Online

Hello Friends!

Today, let us see another nice animated film online, Ghatotkach (2012) on Youtube, Full Movie available to watch for Free, in Hindi Language.

Lure of the Temptress PC Game Review & Download Instructions

Hey Readers!

23 MB

Today lets talk of a game that'll make you recollect moments of the past and stories one might have heard in the childhood: Lure of Temptress Adventure PC Game Review along with the way to download it from the internet, available for Free.

Watch on Youtube-Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan (2008) Full Movie Online

Hey People!

Let me present you, in front of you, a movie with a classical Story, Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan (2008) review and link to watch the Full Film on Youtube.

Teenagent PC Game Review + Download Instructions

Hey fellow friends!

A Super-funny Point & Click Adventure game is what Teenagent PC Game is comprised of! So today, I'm gonna review it and give the download instructions for this game, available for Free.

*Since I haven't reached that far, in the game, I can't assure you, whether it's demo or Full Version, but it definitely seems to be Full.

Smash Android Game Review + Install on Bluestacks

Hey Friends!

Brick Breaker games have been in the games' categories for long, DX-Ball is one of the examples of the earlier games in that. Today I'd like to show you another popular Brick Breaker Game's review: Smash, available on Android OS, which may also be installed on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC.

Beneath a Steel Sky Review + Download Instructions

Hey Friends!

78 MB (Windows) | 83 MB (Mac)

Adventure has put its mark on the world. Almost everyone adores Adventure. Then why not, bring this fascinating theme to games too. One of the best purely Adventure Games is "Beneath a Steel Sky", which has been liked by numerous people. I'll discuss here, about its PC version.

Crimsoness PC Game Review (for Windows)

Hey Fellas!

Today I'm here to articulate my views on a very innovative PC game for Windows, Crimsoness, a Three Minute Game.

Icy Tower 2 Game Review

Hey Readers!

Platform gaming has really become very popular now. There are more and more people approaching for platform gaming these days. One of the epitomes of them is Icytower 2 Game, one of nice apps.

A tale of two Kingdoms Freeware PC Game Review

Hey guys!

The news Freeware PC games, whose Full versions are available for download are very good to read/hear, A tale of two Kingdoms is one of them, which is very much related to both "Point and Click" & "Adventure" genres. This game is very significant as when it was released, it gave a message that Adventure games still persist!

Farm Mania 2 PC Game Review

Hey fellow Readers!

Games are fun to play! Of-course that's what the aim of a game is. Today let us check out another epitome of the good Time-Management game, requiring you to use mouse and very similar to Point & Click Games, Farm Mania 2 (Review + Important Links).
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