Best way to find the Least Count of a Measuring tool

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It's good to know, Understanding is also important!

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A prominent concept to understand and measure readings properly (of a measuring instrument) is Least Count. It'll help you practically also. Today, I'd like to show to you, the best way to find it, which is of-course according to me. I'm not sure whether you will like it or not, although I hope you do!

Change File Extension (Container) on Android

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Let's now, chat about a very interesting thing, change File Extension (container only) on Android. You can do that on windows & there's a method to do it even on Android OS. Also we may chat about what's a "Container" in File System terms (not the Box container :P). So let's get going!

Root Browser Review-One of the best

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Rooting your Phone gives you a lot abilities. It's like unlocking a door or Super Saiyan Powers (if you're a Dragon Ball Z fan, like me). Nevertheless for unlocking you definitely require the tools or the apparatus to work with. Root browser is one of them & will surely aid you a lot. It's an Android App!

By the way, to see how to root Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570, see the following post by me:

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Icytower PC Game Review

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Icytower has been one of the most remembered games for me & I still like to play it sometimes. So let me articulate my views on it, along with its Download link from the Official website of Icytower, i.e.

Farm Mania PC Game Review

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Today let's take a glance on one of the games, on which I've spent quite a lot of time playing, Farm Mania Video Game for PC, by "bigfishgames".

Pocket Tanks Game Review

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Pocket Tanks has been one of my favorite childhood games & even today I adore it. Today I'd like to review the same.

Playlist Options in MX Player for Android

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MX Player is one of the best Media Players for Android, so far. In this Media Player, playlist options are also available, which are a little cheeky to find, but they are there, today, let's discuss them.

UPDATE: Audio Files support in MX Player

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MX Player had evolved from "MX Video Player" to "MX Player" for Android. Yes, you're thinking rightly, it had officially added support for playing Audio Files in it, which makes it one of the best Media Players for Android. So we're gonna see that now.
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