Icytower PC Game Review

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Icytower has been one of the most remembered games for me & I still like to play it sometimes. So let me articulate my views on it, along with its Download link from the Official website of Icytower, i.e. freelunchdesign.com.


Icytower may be the game which attracts you with sophisticated style & gameplay, but its definitely a fun game. I used to play it a lot, to reach newer milestones and the game got tougher & tougher. It can be related to those kinda games which have a normal story, but cool interface & addictive game-playing experience.

The game begins by asking your Profile name and then showing the Main Menu, giving Choices like "Play Game", "Instructions", "Profile", "High-score", "Options" & "Exit". You can ideally start the game by using the "Play Game" option of-course and then "Classic Game". Keyboard controls like "Up" & Down" keys and "space bar" co-ordinate the game in Menu.

The gameplay is the best thing. You need to jump from one platform to another by Pressing Space Bar and using Left-Right Arrows on your Keyboard for Navigation. But it's not simply that, there's a twist to it. You require to first get some momentum by running and then jump. In this manner you'll be able to jump, skipping a Platform or two (Double & Triple Jumps), helping you to gain extra points and also save some time, which is limited.

The in-game music has also been quite efficiently chosen. It gives you a cool guy sort of feeling. Also the our Character looks like a cool Hipster, helping to aid user's experience like a trivia. Voices like "oeeeee!!!" Rock.


Icytower as whole, has been quite neatly arranged. It has good sounds to help you enjoy it. It's not one of those games which have a mystery or queer story behind them but a simple addictive game that'll help you Enjoy a lot, in free time. It may also be used to get yourself devoid of stress on mind as it requires quite much concentration.

Also this game is Free to Download & play, that is, it's Full and Free. So you should give it a try.


Icytower is Full and Free Game, available to be download from its Official Website, in the following URL:

Visit Now

It's available on both Windows & Mac (Macintosh) Platforms.

Gameplay Note: The game, on the first run, may be in Windowed mode, to make it fullscreen, you can goto "Options", "GFX Options" & then Press Enter on "Fullscreen."

Image by Boians Cho Joo Young, freedigitalphotos.net


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