Best tip to Play-through Injustice for Android & iOS

Hey friends!

Have you ever been into Android/iOS or as a whole Mobile Gaming. Recently, a lot of awesome games have been released for Mobiles. One of the recent Epic HD Games for Android and iOS now, is Injustice: Gods Among Us the best thing about it is that it's Free to Download, although there're some in-app Purchases. But "Pro" is the word I'd use to suggest this superb game. It's a strategy Card Collection with awesome 3D Action Based game.

Injustice Main Menu

Today, I'd like to recommend the best strategy to Play this game, not only with skills but good Game Gold management too. As a whole it's gonna be a single tip- PLAY USING GOLD CARDS. That's the rule to nail this game. If you do not play this game, I'll also be telling what the Gold Cards are.

This post talk first about introduction and review for Injustice Gods Among Us for Android and iOS, I myself use the Android version. Thereafter, we can move to the Best Strategy, accepted by many, to nicely move through the game. You may straight-away reach "The Strategy" header, if you need.
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