Modern Digital Electronics by R.P Jain book sample Read Online

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With the awesome advancement of technology, we're virtually witnessing a cold revolution, where day-by-day, everything around us is showing transitions all the time. E-books, although not a very new & fresh concept as compared to other modern tech, are still very useful. Added to that, some technologies' costs are also getting reduced.

Today, let me display one of the examples of this: EBook, by R.P. Jain- sample (a nice book) is available online for reading. I mean, yes you can say, "It's just a sample!" and all... But seriously, it's a good sample, good enough to understand the quality of the book, before spending your cash on it. I'm also gonna provide the link to that sample.

Out of Sync Audio & Subtitles Delay Options on VLC (fix)

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VLC Media Player has emerged to be the modern epitome of Video Players on PC. Its serene design, in coordination with numerous options for the perfect Video Playback, make it magnificent. That's why, it has been preferred by a huge number of individuals.

Today I wanna discuss 2 of its necessary overshadowed features that can make your video watching experience more fruitful on VLC Media Player for PC, that'll help you in case your Audio is not in sync / coordination with the Video & similarly, in case your Subtitles are not in sync with the Video File.

Adding Shoutbox Widget to Blogger Blog (New Interface)

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People just love to convey their views & feelings. Shoutboxes are an efficient way for your visitors to depict their emotions and chat with you & other visitors on the go! Although everything's visible to everyone, it's still very nice.

Now, I've added a post about my favorite 2 Shoutboxes available for Free, with good features like Instant Real-time Chat (no waiting for Auto-refresh), good customization, support for User Registration, Smileys, etc. You can see that post in the following link (maybe you could've just arrived from that, so in that case, no need to see again):

See Now

This is just a simple tutorial, to add that Widget, using the code you get from it, on Blogger Blogs, in accordance with Blogger's latest interface.

2 Best Free Chat-box for Websites/Blogs

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Shoutboxes / Chatboxes are a very interesting widgets for a website. They add a magnificent look to a website and also provide a great feature for its users, they can Chat with you and other visitors On The GO, also it'll be a good source of entertainment for visitors, as they can chat & have fun. I'd like you to have glance on iShoutbox & here, after telling you about shoutboxes. You can also make announcement there.

Updated Blogger Interface- Adsense Usage for Blogger Blog

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Adsense is one of the best things I like about Google's Services. Yes, other superb technological things like Google Cardboard, Android OS, Google Glasses, etc. are also utilizable but Adsense is something that lets the publishers' earn. Here, Google is a medium & a bridge between the Publishers and the Advertisers, keeping Google's own commission of being the medium intact.

Why many people like Adsense: It's a good, free, easy to setup revenue source, that helps you to get fruit & extra income from the Traffic one earns. I believe we all like to earn money!

Blogger also supports Adsense, infact Blogger, itself being Google Product, has good integration with Adsense, making it easy to setup. So, in today's tutorial, I'd like to chat about how to integrate Adsense to a Blogger Blog, i.e. a blog powered by Blogger, which is further associated with Google & so is Adsense.

Image By Stoonn,

Here I'll be telling using the latest Blogger interface, as on 24/07/2014. I may not talk about the template editing Ad-Placement methods, but I will let you know the Ad Placement technique, as provided in the "Layout" section of Blogger's interface.

Use Account different than Blogger for Adsense (another Blogger Admin)

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Image By cooldesign,

While adding AdSense, the cool revenue earning method introduced by Google for websites, to your Blog powered by Blogger, you might also wanna use a separate account for Adsense and a different one Blogger.

Well they can't completely be separated (I'll tell you what I mean!), but there's an availability of a way to add another Admin to your Blogger Blog & use it for Adsense, there might be a multifarious reasons to why you'd wanna do that.

Easily close Apps on Bluestacks with Task Manager

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Bluestacks has become like an open door to find new Android Apps & Run them on PC itself. I've written some posts about how to use Bluestacks and some methods associated with it. Today it's time to introduce another one.

It's the moment to learn a way to close all unnecessary Apps on Bluestacks which run in the Background & try to slow it down.  For this job, we'll need to install a Task Manager App on Bluestacks, so that we can manually kill and close the apps. You can utilize a good Task Manager you like, I use "Advanced Task Killer" by ReChild.

5 steps to Sign out of all Logins on Google Account

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Recently I posted a method to remotely sign out of all Logins on Facebook, in case you forgot to Sign out previously on another device and you're worried that your Account might be compromised. Similar service is also available for Google Accounts.

So Today, I wanna tell you, how to Sign out of all previous Logins, in case you have a Google Account and you forgot to Logout previously. The Logins are again, technically termed as Sessions. This Google Account can be associated with Google's Services like Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Adwords, Adsense, Google+, etc.

5 steps to Sign out of all Past Logins on Facebook

Hey fellow People!

Image By Stuart Miles,

Facebook is one of the best interactive Social Networking Websites in the whole world. I'm not sure about you, but a great deal of my friends are on Facebook & I love to chat with them, share my posts, views & what I'm doing.

However some of my friends are very naughty! I can't risk keeping my Facebook Account on any device, or even a past Login open, on my Personal Computer too.

For that, Facebook has provided some special options. It's kind of a History, with which you can Logout of your Previous Facebook Logins if they're open. They're sometimes referred to as "Sessions". So now, I'm gonna tell you how to do that!

Difference between +1 & Share on Google +

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Google+ (pronounced "Google Plus") has emerged to be one of the best & top Social Networks in the world & has quickly escalated through its ways, as it is one of the newest prominent Social Networking Website.Its working is quite different but still quite similar to other Social Networking Websites like Facebook & Twitter.

Different in the sense that it has different concepts & totally different Interface. Similar in the way that its aim is also focused on connecting people, which it has done quite well! Therefore, it is also one in the Ilk of Social Networking Websites.

Google+ has introduced a concept of "+1" & "Sharing" posts in it. (Ofcourse, like other websites, Google+ also has a Posting option!), which are quite fresh terms & understanding them is utterly required, in order to properly use Google +. I will not go into depth, like who'll see your +1 & who'll view your "Share", but just tell the basic difference.

Use SoundHound on PC - Bluestacks (Sound Recognition)

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Music Recognition is a very innovative concept. From one song to another, a great number of songs can be searched online, in order to identify their names & info, for their future use. This technology is extremely helpful when you hear a very nice song & wanna identify its name & other properties.

SoundHound & Shazam are the two best Apps in the market that allow its users to identify music on the Go! simply by listening to a part of the song. Both have a close competition, but since I'd like to talk about only 1 App at a time, I'll use SoundHound.

But this App service is only available for the portable Mobile Phones & Devices, which makes sense, but still PC users might also want to harness the technology. For them the solution is Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, which allows you to run Android Apps on Computer itself & since SoundHound is also available for Android, Bluestacks can be used here.

I have myself tried to use SoundHound on my Bluestacks for PC & it worked & I hope the same happens for you too.

Official Platforms for SoundHound: Apple iStore, Google Play (Android), Blackberry World, Windows Phone.

Best way to access Blocked Sites Anonymously

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How're you all doin'? I hope fine! So remember those Sherlock Holmes like stuff, where they say, If you are identified you're done! OR some movies like Mission Impossible, saying if you're ID-d (Identified), your own organization can kill you, in a double agent like jobs! To some extent, that's for real! One should protect his identity to be safe.

Also, have you ever, while surfing the Internet, found a Youtube page saying something like, "The uploader has not made this video available in your region." Some might call them Racists :D . But there are some people who still want access to those kinda sites, I mean the blocked ones, like the blocked Youtube Videos.

In the past couple of weeks, I tried a service, called SurfEasy, the Best (SO FAR, from what I've seen on the internet) solution that I could find to the above problems of being unable to access Blocked sites, like some Youtube Videos & protecting your Identity. I'll tell you How & I also would like to mention the points about why I found it to be the best. It's a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

Note: Please note that the "Best" rating is totally according to me only & my SO FAR experience of the internet. I am not a SurfEasy agent, just a reviewer so I cannot hold the responsibility of any bugs or issues caused by SurfEasy. Please read their Terms of Agreement carefully, if you are very concerned.

Niceness of Fun songs

Hey friends!

Well as I always say songs are something very special. I mean, the concept of tunes & songs is amazing. They really make you feel awesome. Today, I'd like to discuss the Importance & niceness of cherishing Fun songs.

So, Many remark, "Ain't! I don't like meaningless Hip-hop songs, they're not good. What's the benefit of listening to them!". What I think is that fun songs are not actually meaningless, they are like empty spaces where you can embed your own nice thoughts.

Note: I'm not saying any particular song is better than the other.

Image By jscreationzs,

Details about Last Seen on Whatsapp

Hi Lovely Readers!

Whatsapp has emerged to be one of the best Chat Messengers out there. It has even beaten BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) with its awesome interface. The best that I like about it is that it's available on many platforms including phones have Symbian S40 Nokia Operating Systems, which is less thought of, these days.

Recently in Whatsapp, a few changes were made & a few settings were altered. One of customizations in the pack as to disable your "Last Seen" feature on Whatsapp. Today I'd like to talk about a few principles governing that & modifying your Whatsapp using that setting, would affect your Whatsapp Texting Experience.

Note: 1. This analysis is in accordance with the current Latest Whatsapp Messenger only, maybe in future, they can change something.

2. Also, there could errors in the post too, please use your own experience too.
Image By Idea go,

How to Underline & Highlight Text in pdf Files

Hey people!

PDF Files are considered to be the modern files now. They are special file types created for reading Books, Magazines, Special Documents, only Readable documents, etc. in the computer itself. Programs like Adobe Reader & Foxit Reader support these file types.

Now, while reading a PDF file, you may want to highlight or underline important text for your sake. If you're reading an educational pdf book, you're definitely gonna need to underline OR highlight the important text. Actually Underlining & Highlighting may be used separately for different PDF files.

Some pdf-s may be highlighted & not underline whereas the case could be opposite for other PDFs, i.e. they can be highlighted & not underline. Today I wanna explain that only: when to use highlighting & when to use Underlining, for your benefit. I mean, if you like me, cannot read something without underlining, so that it may help you a lot in future also, you're gonna need this.

Photo By Stuart Miles,

Top 2 TV shows like James Bond

Hi guys & girls

Image By Stuart Miles,

TV shows are very similar to movies. Infact there are many people involved with television industry only, rather than films industry. They become stars with just TV.

I, myself, have been a fan of James Bond like TV shows. I mean the ones in which there's a hero, who gets a dangerous job to be accomplished, but somehow, the hero is able to fulfill his duty most of the time, but how he does that, is a mystery. So here I present top 2 tv shows like James Bond.

Myrna Braza-Go! a magnificent song

Hey Friends!

Songs are really a great part of one's life. They calm us down when we need, they make us even happier on the occasions. Overall, they're agents of Happiness.

Today I wanna discuss about another nice song, which I came to know, while surfing the internet, it's one of my favorites, so I decided to write about it.

Install Cut the Rope 2 on Bluestacks for PC

Hey Readers!

About 40 MB

Cut the Rope by ZeptoLab is one of the best Android Puzzle games & Now they've even released their sequel, Cut the Rope 2, where more fun awaits. Cut the Rope 2 Free (with some In-app Purchases), works well on Bluestacks for PC too. Bluestacks is a software that allows users to run Android Apps on PC-Windows/Mac itself.

Stylish Designs of Google Search: Doodles

Hey Guys & Girls!

Above is a screenshot of Google Doodles Webpage

Recently I came to know about a new thing, ofcourse maybe many of you might know about it & it's small news, but although it's small, I decided to spread the word.

Have you seen the designs that Google puts up in its Search in place of its Google Logo, to present a prominent occasion. I came to know that they're called "Google Doodles".

Manage Messages on Facebook with all Options

Hello Fellow Friends!

By Felixco, Inc.,

Messages are integral part of Facebook. Privacy is their feature and the messages' information stays with the Sender & the Receiver only. So it is necessary to control, from whom are you gonna receive these messages and properly coordinate your Online Social Life, as a whole.

So we're gonna look up to some important options to perform certain tasks and actions on Facebook Messages, while using Facebook on PC. It may also be available for Mobile phones or other devices, but since I use just PC, I can talk about that only.

About Facebook's Seen on Messages

Hello loyal Readers!

Image By phanlop88,

Today I'd like to have you read an account or as I'd like to call it, a detailed Account on How Facebook CURRENTLY determines "Seen" on Messages.This will help you know something cool.

You know, there is a way to even see a part of the message you receive on Facebook & not even let the sender know that you've seen it. I've myself tested these & I hope you like it.

Install Clash of Clans Free on Bluestacks for PC

Hey guys & girls!

Android has become one of the best addictive gaming platforms, where the games aren't as huge as platforms like PC, PS4 or XBOX 1, but they've a humongous fan following.

Today it's time to talk about another one of those Epic Android games & I also wanna inform you that it works fine on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC. I've tested it myself. (Beware that there can be glitches in the middle of the game, I've merely tested the commencement).

Chromoji- Add Chat Emoticons anywhere on the Internet for PC

Hey fellow people!

Chatting is one of the most wonderful things that Internet has provided us. Now, it may have become a quite normal deal, but for days in not very far past, it was a Big thing. Added to that, Emoticons give the ability to chat even better.

Today I wanna tell you the way to add a wide variety of Emoticons anywhere on the Internet, which includes Websites like Twitter (Yes! Twitter too), Facebook, Google Plus, etc. This will work only on Chrome Web Browser for PC.

My Rating on Chromoji : 8/10.

Way to Play New Tournaments Offline in EA FIFA 14

Hi Friends!

What a game this EA Sports FIFA 14 is. It's pure entertainment and fun as you race through your way to become better & better in this game. It's full of variables! Today I'd like to articulate & show you How to Play Offline New Tournament / Custom Tournament in EA Sports FIFA 14.

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