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Messages are integral part of Facebook. Privacy is their feature and the messages' information stays with the Sender & the Receiver only. So it is necessary to control, from whom are you gonna receive these messages and properly coordinate your Online Social Life, as a whole.

So we're gonna look up to some important options to perform certain tasks and actions on Facebook Messages, while using Facebook on PC. It may also be available for Mobile phones or other devices, but since I use just PC, I can talk about that only.


So foremost requirement is to open up the Screen, where you can see all your Facebook Messages & the actions you can perform on them. For that Login to your Facebook Account & then you can choose either of the three:

A. Click on the Messages-icon on top, where you get Messages notification, right click any messages & open it in New Tab or Window.

B. Click on the Messages-icon on top & Click on "See all" option.

C. Lastly, you can simply visit to reach that interface, ofcourse after logging in to your Account.


Okay! After opening the All Messages View on Facebook, let's commence utilizing it for management. At the starting Screen you'll see all the conversations & Messages Groups, You can click on them, to see the messages in the middle on the Screen and even type a message on the bottom Middle Space.

On the top-middle, Options for "New Message" & "Searching" are available. You can also Press the "Actions" Button, to view some very important tasks you can do with these messages, including "marking as Unread", "Archiving" (I'll explain Archiving too, after this paragraph), "Mute Conversation", "Delete Conversation", "Delete Messages", "Report spam or Abuse.." etc.

When you Mute a conversation, you'll not get its notification when a new message is received, it'll just mute! Archiving allows one to have a separate Place for a few Conversations, which you don't like & don't even wanna delete, just not to keep them in front. It can be rhetorically considered to be similar to the Recycle Bin of the PC, OR most people use it that way!

But a conversation gets Unarchived automatically, when you receive a new message in the Archived Conversation. Marking a Message as Unread is also a fine feature it helps you just to keep the important messages separate.

Also, when you read a new Message, the sender gets a Seen note, saying you've read it, Marking a message as Unread can help a little to prevent the sender from whom you've received the message get the seen not, you can see the way to do that in the following post:

View Now

On the Top-left side of the screen, there are options like "Inbox" to view Inbox messages, "Other" where certain separate messages are kept, clicking on "more" will give options to see "Unread", "Archived" or "Spam" messages separately.

So that's it! Facebook's All Messages interface is quite comfortable & not very tough to use, so if you don't understand some terms, you just keep on using it & after some time, you'd automatically get to know!

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