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While adding AdSense, the cool revenue earning method introduced by Google for websites, to your Blog powered by Blogger, you might also wanna use a separate account for Adsense and a different one Blogger.

Well they can't completely be separated (I'll tell you what I mean!), but there's an availability of a way to add another Admin to your Blogger Blog & use it for Adsense, there might be a multifarious reasons to why you'd wanna do that.


To describe what I wanna tell you, consider a case where you already have a Blog hosted on Blogger. Fortunately, with your diligence, the Blog has become quite a hit, now you wanna Advertise it to earn some income. Many should prefer the best Advertising system, Google AdSense. While integrating your already Google Account for Blogger, you might wonder that it'll be nice if I have a separate Account for Adsense & different for the already created Blogger Account, for some reason.

Well, it's not completely possible as Google says you have to own a website, where you wanna advertise. However, you still wanna do it. You can create another account, specifically for AdSense and add it as the Admin in your Blogger Blog (with 2 owner Account now). Therefore, now, you can successfully add AdSense to your Blog, with that new Account.


Well, the answer to why you would wanna have a different Account can be: for any reason! For instance, if you're a child or a Teenager, you might wanna earn & then transfer the earnings to your Parent's Bank Account.


SO, in order to have an Adsense Account different from Blogger Blog's, providing the former Admin privileges, follow the process below. You'll need to Sign-out & again sign-in a few times to switch accounts:

1. Visit any of the google Websites, like or another Google's website to Sign up for a new Google Account.

2. Visit your Blogger Blog's Interface with the already created OLD Blogger Account, on the left hand side, click on the "Settings" tab  and under "Basic" choose "Add authors" and type the email ID of the new Google Account you just created.

3. Through Gmail, of the NEW Account, see a new mail, asking to verify the new Author to your Blog, accept the offer.

4. Again using your OLD Google Account, visit Blogger, again "Settings" & under "Basic" make the new Account, just added, an Admin.

5. Again, switch to NEW Google Account & visit . Submit Application for your Adsense Account, with the new Google Account Signup and wait for it to get accepted, to access your new Adsense Account

6. After & if your Application Acceptance is successful, reach Blogger through the NEW Account this time & click on "Earnings" using the Left-hand side Tab, to then follow the process of associating Adsense with Blogger. Voila! what we just did is, associate the new separate Account with Adsense, by making it the Admin of the Blog (one of the Admins!).

The process of properly adding Adsense to Blogger, thereafter may be seen at the following post:

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