Adding Shoutbox Widget to Blogger Blog (New Interface)

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People just love to convey their views & feelings. Shoutboxes are an efficient way for your visitors to depict their emotions and chat with you & other visitors on the go! Although everything's visible to everyone, it's still very nice.

Now, I've added a post about my favorite 2 Shoutboxes available for Free, with good features like Instant Real-time Chat (no waiting for Auto-refresh), good customization, support for User Registration, Smileys, etc. You can see that post in the following link (maybe you could've just arrived from that, so in that case, no need to see again):

See Now

This is just a simple tutorial, to add that Widget, using the code you get from it, on Blogger Blogs, in accordance with Blogger's latest interface.

Note: Before customizing that widget, you might also want to first simply get the code & test whether it works on your Blogger Blog or not.


1. After creating a Shoutbox, after customizing its qualities & features according to your preference, get the code from the respective Shoutbox providing Service (like OR

2. Sign in to your Blogger Blog Account & reach the "Layout" Tab & choose the link "Add a gadget".

3. In the pop-up window that shows up, select "HTML/JavaScript" & Paste your Codes in the box, under "Content". You can also add a suitable title, if you want.

4. Save it & see that the Widget has been added, by visiting your website.

5. In case, the widget is not added at the location you want, in the Layout Section, you can drag your widget anywhere you want & "Save Arrangement".

That's it!

Adding Shoutbox to Blogger wasn't that tough na!


Please Ask your question/Give your opinion, here, I love to read User Comments.

TO GET FUTURE COMMENTS USING EMAIL, LOGIN WITH YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT (on a Website like & while signed in, CLICK "Notify me" checkbox, that appears now, below the commenting box.

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