Watch on Youtube- Mann (1999) Full Movie Online

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Today I bring in front of you, link to watch Mann (1999) Full Movie Online on YouTube, which is a very nice classic Hindi Movie.

Watch on YouTube- Goeyan Nu Daffa Karo (2014) Full Movie Online

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If you want a Punjabi Movie like Carry on Jatta, that'll make you laugh like anything, then Goreyan nu Daffa Karo it is. Let's watch Goreyan nu Daffa karo Full Movie Online on YouTube for Free, legally, in Punjabi Language ofcourse.

Injustice Gods Among Us List of Cards

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Injustice Gods Among Us for Mobile has made put another post on it. This time, it's about the Characters it has, which is the best thing about it. A diverse variety of cards or characters makes Injustice very interesting. So let's have a glance on that.

Watch on YouTube- Heer and Hero (2013) Full Movie Online

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Newer Punajbi have commenced to bring slight difference to their stories, still having pure laughter persistent. Heer & Hero (2013) is an example of that. Let's watch the Full Movie online on YouTube.

The Battle to grind in Injustice for Mobile

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Injustice Gods Among Us for mobile provides tremendous opportunity to play a High Quality Game, for Free (with In-App purchases). In the game, you have to strategically develop and go through it to reach the heights of a character promotion. Today I'm going to tell you how to do that & which battle will help you the most. Free Recharge Works

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You might have seen the latest advertisement on telelvision if you're in India. It's a new song website that has been promoting itself. One of the schemes was free Rs. 10 Recharge of mobile on joining. It's small, but I wanted to check whether it was cranky or genuine. Let's see my quest on it.

Watch on YouTube- Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De (2013) Full Movie Online

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Many Punjabi films are known for their gags & laughter, but "Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De" has more to it than seems. So today let us watch it online on YouTube, in Punjabi Language.

Watch on Youtube- Dilwale 1994 Full Movie Online in Hindi

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It has rightly been said that 1990s are unforgettable. I also remember the awesome movies that were released during that period & now they help to enjoy thinking about the past. Dilwale (1994) is an epitome of that.

Today I bring hte link to watch the complete film online in Hindi, for Free, available legally.

Good Injustice teams using AOB & AODS

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Arkham Origins Batman (AOB) & Arkham Origins Deathstroke (AODS) are the most remarkable characters in Injustice Gods Among Us game for Android / iOS. Everyone should agree that they're very popular in the online platform and widely used to challenge the opposition team both for DEFENSE & OFFENSE.

This post will try to put attention on fantastic articles, which I obtained from Injustice Official Community on best ways to use them, posted by the "HrnyAmoeba" community member, who is a player (a good one), like you & me.

Injustice Gear List Deatils

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I'm into his Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile Game for Android / iOS and it really has grasped all my attention. The games which involve earning in-game Gold (Power Credits in Injustice) have become quite regular, but Injustice is something special & well thought. You can play this game even without paying. I've even posted a video on YouTube about that. Will give you the option to watch it.

Anyways, this post will talk about a special Gear document created Rom studio & many others. Gears are something that give you extra edge and abilities in injustice gods among us. They're really handy and without them winning is very tough in the game.

First, the option to watch my YouTube video:

Get Gold without Real Life Money in INJUSTICE

Also, Check out my Injustice: Gods Among Us walkthrough video (with Voice commentary). I hope you like it:

Install Small Size Android Debug Bridge on PC

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Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a super-helpful tool, not only for developers, but for users to have some very specific and fantastic features on your Android. One of my favorites is that ADB is the thing that allows you to backup your App data, even without root. That means, settings like High-score in a game are also secured. There are many more uses, so you ought to have it.

But ADB is offered as a part of the huge Android SDK tools, which requires a lot of downloading and then installation, simply to get ADB. Thanx to xda-developers' Snoop05, the short version has been provided.

Watch on YouTube-Entertainment (2014) Full Movie Online

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Entertainment is a fun movie. The song "Johny-Johny" of the film has skyrocketed & so has the film, marking new actress Tamannaah Bhatia along with Akshay Kumar as lead actors. Today, I bring in front of you another movie, which I was able to find online, available for Free to watch, legally, in Hindi & it is It's Entertainment or Entertainment (2014).

Watch on YouTube-Diljale (1996) Movie Online

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One of the terrific principles based movies, wrapped up, beautifully in Indian movie styles is Diljale (1996), having a great Entertainment with knowledge, available for Free & Legally. (in hindi Language).

Watch on YouTube- Best of Luck 2013 Full Movie Online

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Punjabi Movies have their own masala and fun to watch. Another of the many examples that represent magnificent Punjabi Movies is Best of Luck 2013, featuring Gippy Grewal, Jazzy B, Binnu Dhillon, the big names of Punjab's films.

Today I provide you the way to watch this amazing movie online on YouTube, legally, available to watch for Free.

Injustice Gods Among Us Upcoming Characters details

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One of the best things about Injustice Gods Among for Android / iOS is the frequent updates this game gives. Even when you finish the Normal Battles in the game, it'll consistently throw new things that'll make you keep enjoying it. Many people have accepted gaming on Injustice to be a part of their daily routine.

One of these is the latest update, Injustice version 2.3, which has brought a lot new things like Most Wanted Packs, Gear lockers, Player Appreciation Month, but most importantly, new cards, which is what we're going to talk about today, in detail. This talk will DEFINITELY HAVE SPOILERS.  So proceed cautiously.

Injustice Stats Calculator Review

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Injustice Gods Among Us for Android / iOS (also available on KindleFire via Amazon App Store) is truly an addictive game. It commences by attracting you towards its Fighting part and then leads on to making you Enjoy the statistic part. Since, this game is also playable online, the enthusiasm lasts for long. For me too, Injustice is the game on which I've spent the longest time & still persistent, although I have been able to complete the offline levels.

Today I'd like to review the amazing Stats Calculator Tool, presented on lmurphy's website, which helped me a lot while playing the game and still does. So here's the link to it right away:

Lmurphy's Injustice Stats Calculator

Best way to Enable Helium Backup on any Phone Tested on Moto G

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Helium Backup is a tremendous app that allows you to Backup your Apps, ahan! not only that, but app data too, WITHOUT ROOTING your Android Phone. Helium on its description has mentioned that it doesn't work for Motorola Phones, but with some workaround, it can be made to function, on Phones like Moto G also.

Note: This post has been updated & the method works with Android Lollipop (Android L), the version 5.0 update for Moto G also. Other phones may also have it working.

The steps have been updated, so please check them out again, if you weren't able to use Helium on your Phone earlier.

This method may help not only Motorola users, but anyone on Android who has had problems with the utilization of Helium Backup. So let's get to it right away. By the way, if you want to witness my review on Helium, see the following post:

Helium Backup Review

Helium Backup Review + How it Works

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Helium Backup was quite like a magic App for Android Phones. Developed by techie creators, ClockworkMod, it is an amazing App that lets you Backup not only your Apps, but App Data too, even on non-rooted Phones. That means no more whining for lost High Score or Progress in a Game, you can recover the same state of it, any time you want.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile v2.3 arrives on iTunes

So the version 2.3 has arrived for iPhone with a bang of new stuff like Most Wanted Packs that have the rare character cards, Free everyday goodies for player appreciation month, better gear packs including the ones with more stars.
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