Install Small Size Android Debug Bridge on PC

Hey fellas!

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a super-helpful tool, not only for developers, but for users to have some very specific and fantastic features on your Android. One of my favorites is that ADB is the thing that allows you to backup your App data, even without root. That means, settings like High-score in a game are also secured. There are many more uses, so you ought to have it.

But ADB is offered as a part of the huge Android SDK tools, which requires a lot of downloading and then installation, simply to get ADB. Thanx to xda-developers' Snoop05, the short version has been provided.

So as I mentioned, ADB is extremely utilizable. It is also recommended for the proper working of Helium Backup on your Android Phone. I like to describe ADB as interface between Computer and Mobile in a separate world, where PC can access some common features of your Mobile, like App Data Backup.

If you'd like to see how to use Helium, to backup your App Data, without rooting, you may check my post here:

My Post on how to use Helium Backup

So ADB is useful, but is a small part of the huge Android SDK Tools (for developers), but downloading that simply for ADB isn't worth it! What is convenient, is the special tool provided for ADB, which the publisher likes to state as 15 seconds ADB Installer and it fulfills its highlight. I'VE TESTED IT & it works. So, why wait, get ADB now and be persistent with whatever experiment you're doing on android:

Small ADB Installer by Snoop05


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