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Injustice Gods Among Us for Mobile has made put another post on it. This time, it's about the Characters it has, which is the best thing about it. A diverse variety of cards or characters makes Injustice very interesting. So let's have a glance on that.


What I like the most about characters is that each one of them has unique passives. Passive is something special about a Card/Character which he/she inhibits by the specialty or superpower. For example, Batman Prime has Tactical genius Passive which gives him & whole team 25% damage boost, in the fight. Regime Wonder Woman has Shield of Gods which generates power for her even while blocking, Lex Luthor gives the whole team a 30% boost to their total Health & so on.

These characters with their unique passives are so good to combine to make a 3-character team for fight that it always keeps you interested to see the new passives. For instance, Cassandra Cain Batgirl incurs 25% damage to the opposition (of their current health), every-time she tags in.

Not only passives but there are far more things that control a character's goodness in the game. I think each card is terrific, it's just that one suits your battle style more than the other. So it is utterly required to take a look into Character lists for their details, in case you're thinking of buying one of your precious credits.


Actually for seeing cards, I don't merely use a single list but 3 main sources, these are in no particular order:

1. I use the stats calculator tool which vividly tells me about character stats, given on lmurphy's site. It's not a list, but gives a fine idea about stats:

Injustice stats calculator by LMurphy

2. The list on Injustice Mobile wikia is pretty solid, that includes upcoming characters too, like Mortal Kombat X Scorpion, latest Godfall superman, Static, Batman Beyond & old ones too, so it's excellent:

Injustice Character Cards list on InjusticeMobileWiki

3. Gameteep's list is also prominent over the Internet and pings up in Google Search so that is also useful:

Injustice Character Cards list on gameteep

So from 1 source or another, you might get to your list from the above 3.


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