The Battle to grind in Injustice for Mobile

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Injustice Gods Among Us for mobile provides tremendous opportunity to play a High Quality Game, for Free (with In-App purchases). In the game, you have to strategically develop and go through it to reach the heights of a character promotion. Today I'm going to tell you how to do that & which battle will help you the most.


First thing to know is that if you keep on using simply the Bronze characters, you get at start, you're not going to be able to go a lot ahead in the game. At some point of time, you'll feel that these guys have too low stats to go on and fight. Then the gold cards are your rescue. They're much stronger.

But on the other hand, they're very expensive. and also need promotions to go on in the game. So, not intimidating, but they'll need 8 promotions. For that, at some point of time everyone has to GRIND. Grinding means to play the same battle, already completed, again & again, to get credits or experience points for your characters. Plus Power credits are also utterly necessary for gears too.

But which battle will be the best monetizer? That's what I'll articulate my view on, today.


So to fight and quest for the best gainer battle, I'll not tell you one particular Battle and let you take the lead. Look into the very nice document below:

Answer by lahatiel on reddit
Visit the link on the answer given by lahatiel

It very beautifully lists the Credit Efficiency for every battle. The battles with green and blue lines yield a lot. You may decide the one you like yourself on the basis of the battle you can complete easily & the one which gives you the most Power Credits (Credit Efficiency). If you can complete Bonus Battle 6, it has far more Credit Efficiency, you may want to harness that.

The document also gives other stuffs like Characters & Gear information. It's nice but for that, I like to use other documents, which dedicate towards it:

Injustice stats calculator on lmurphy's site
It gives characters stats at any level or promotion, with already set profiles till Aquaman Prime

Injustice List of cards on InjusticeMobileWiki
It doesn't have all the cards, like there's no Raven Regime, but there are many.

Injustice gear list & information
Visit the link under "Gear starting stats and upgrade costs."

So I wish you have found the battle you like.


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