Best way to Enable Helium Backup on any Phone Tested on Moto G

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Helium Backup is a tremendous app that allows you to Backup your Apps, ahan! not only that, but app data too, WITHOUT ROOTING your Android Phone. Helium on its description has mentioned that it doesn't work for Motorola Phones, but with some workaround, it can be made to function, on Phones like Moto G also.

Note: This post has been updated & the method works with Android Lollipop (Android L), the version 5.0 update for Moto G also. Other phones may also have it working.

The steps have been updated, so please check them out again, if you weren't able to use Helium on your Phone earlier.

This method may help not only Motorola users, but anyone on Android who has had problems with the utilization of Helium Backup. So let's get to it right away. By the way, if you want to witness my review on Helium, see the following post:

Helium Backup Review


Earlier root users only had the ability to backup Apps along with App Data, using utilities like Titanium Backup. Normal users had a disadvantage. Since rooting devoids the warranty of an Android device. I never recommend rooting before the warrant's over. There was nothing left till then! But now there is something.

Using Helium Backup users can now backup all their Apps along with their App Data. Yes, that means you can save the state of your Android App & then do anything with it like re-installing the same settings & save data can be recovered. This implies to all the Android Apps, not simply games.

So for making Helium Backup to work for you, the THREE BASIC REQUIREMENTS are (Don't worry, I will give ways for get both second & third points):

1. You should have a PC. For the first run, Helium requires PC to be connected to Android Device, using USB. It works & doesn't require re-connection until you restart the device.

2. Your phone should have USB Debugging Enabled & it should be able to connect with PC using that. In Kitkat (don't know about other Android versions), when you connect PC to Phone, it first confirms USB Debugging.

3. Your PC should have working ADB (Android Debug Bridge). ADB allows your Computer to acces your device for development purposes. In this case Helium Backup will automatically use the ADB's backup command to access your device's Apps & backup App data.


So in case, you have a PC, you can definitely give Helium Backup a go, for that let's fulfill the second requirement, it's not tough and is a setting on your Android Device.

Note: I'm giving steps for kitkat (Android 4.4) here, you can see the settings section of your Android device to find the option for USB Debugging.

1. Open the "Settings" App in your device.
2. Under "SYSTEM", tap on Developer Options.
3. Then under "DEBUGGING", tick USB Debugging.


Next thing you need is to enable Android Debug Bridge on your PC. Now many people download ADB as a part of Android SDK tools. It's the official, but requires way too much downloading. I prefer the smaller one posted by Senior Member "Snoop05" on xda-developers forum, you can download that from the link below:

Visit Now


Finally you have my permission to download and try Helium for yourself. Download "Helium" App from Google Play Store on your Android Device, the link for the app is:

Helium Backup on Playstore

You'll need the Desktop Client for Helium also. It's available for Mac, Windows & Linux:

Helium Backup Desktop Client Download

Install it.


Usage of Helium Backup involves two processes, namely, Enabling ADB (Android Debug Bridge) connection your PC and phone & second, Using Helium Backup itself.

Enabling ADB:

1. Enable USB Debugging, by visiting settings of your Android Phone.

2. Download the ADB installer, from the following direct link:

Google Drive download for Fast ADB Installer

Credits to Snoop05 for the nice software posted in xda-forums.

3. Connect your Phone to PC, using USB data cable. Make sure it's connected properly and you are able to access the Phone's storage for transferring files (it's just a way for determining proper connection!)

Note: Please note that during this whole process, it is recommended to keep the phone unlocked with its connection to PC. Locked phones don't allow PC to access it. You can increase your unlock screen time in the Settings App on your Android Phone.

4. Run the downloaded file, Press "Y" & "Enter" for everything, it should install system-wide.

5. Next, download the ADB driver Installer, Another good software that lets you update or install ADB drivers for any phone. Use the following link:

ADB Driver Installer / Updater

6. Run the above software (again with phone connected), it should detect whether your ADB drivers are proper or not, if they're unavailable or outdated, Update them, using this software.

7. Finally, check your ADB connection to phone (Motorola or other), by opening command Prompt from Start Menu's Accessories & using the command:

adb devices

It should let you know whether your device is available or not. You'll have to verify the connection in your phone also, by accepting the key of PC. A dialog box will appear on your phone. Press OK for that. After a successful connection, following is the screen for command prompt:

Start Helium App:

Enabling ADB, getting the dialog box on phone for accepting PC's ADB Connection & getting device status OK in "adb devices" command are the most important steps for Helium Backup App to work. If that des work, then your Helium App is very likely to work, not only in Motorola Phones, but any Android Phone. So after success in above steps:

8. Start Helium Client on PC.

9. Start Helium App on Android (USB Debugging should be enabled, as we did earlier; also ADB Drivers should be installed on PC).

10. Tell it to detect PC,by pressing OK. Now is the time where it'll check whether your setup, which we've done in the article is apt.

11. It will say to enable PTP, but it should work without that.

12. Finally your App Backup setup should be successful and you may now use Helium without connecting to PC, until the phone is restarted.

Have Fun! do your first App Backup and tell everyone, how you utilized Helium Backup App, by the comments section here. You may also post your Questions, I'll try my best to reply.


Please Ask your question/Give your opinion, here, I love to read User Comments.

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  1. It doesnt work on moto phones or say lolipop 5+
    Tried heck all things to Fail in the end..

    1. Hey buddy

      I haven't tried this method on Android L yet, but when/if I do, I'll definitely update the post or even write a new one for the same. But I believe it should work as it did it for me on Kitkat too.

    2. Well holobackup is an answer for moto phones

    3. That's a nice App. But since Helium Backup works for me on Moto G also, I don't think I'll need to use that. Maybe, I'll check that out too.

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  3. It is very nice blog.I appreciate to the writer.thanks for sharing the useful information.

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  4. Step 12 does not work on Pantech IM-A880S

    1. its always stuck on enabling application backup

  5. it does not work in my lenovo zuk Z1
    tried all the steps.please help me

  6. I have a tablet Innovator, model 7DTB41 LE. It has Lollipop 5.1 version and it cannot activate the app after connecting it to the PC. I have done all the steps above. Please help

  7. Thanx for your help..., At last i am able to use helium on my sony c3

  8. I'm stuck on the page that wants me to enable PTP. I have gone into settings to Select USB Configuration and changed it to PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). Then I go back and it is still requesting that I enable PTP. I have tried restarting the app. What should I do now?

  9. Does it work on the latest phones of Samsung? I already rooted my phone using the tool I get from this site

  10. This work for me :)
    Thanks man, you are awesome

  11. This worked for me! Thank you so much--I was having so many issues!


  13. It's bad for me, three days.

  14. I've been trying as much as I can to solve this for a while.

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