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Hi guys!

You might have seen the latest advertisement on telelvision if you're in India. It's a new song website that has been promoting itself. One of the schemes was free Rs. 10 Recharge of mobile on joining. It's small, but I wanted to check whether it was cranky or genuine. Let's see my quest on it.

So indirectly their promotion worked on me anyway and I've got to say, IT WORKED. Without any delays, I was able to get my Recharge, although the way was kinda complicated in the middle, but man, they're transferring money through the air, what else we need. If you are into referral, you may refer the app to your friends to get Rs. 20 per referral maxing out to Rs. 100 payout through recharge, not more than that. It ofcourse should be a limited time offer.

Now many would say, it's too much hassle for less output. I know that, but I just  required to check the mechanism.

The process goes like this:

1. You download Gaana App, from iTunes or Google Play Store, depending on your OS.
2. On its first run, you can sign in using a Facebook Account, it had other options link too, but I chose Facebook.
3. Next in your rewards (in the app) you'll get a code for your Rs 10 recharge, copy that to the clipboard
4. You have to now download the paytm app from iTunes or Google Play Store.
5. Use the paytm App to get a recharge of Rs 10, by putting the code in it's promotions/code option that appears while recharging, it'll amount your bill to Rs.0 & give you the recharge within an hour.

After joining, when I looked into the App, it actually was very good, having a download option for songs too, but only for Premium (paying) users. It immediately displays a lots of songs and when I searched for songs, it included the latest ones too. So it's bummer.

Overall, a budding App- 4/5, from me.


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