End Processes to Quickly Shut-Down Programs

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Today I'm going to give you a small but extremely useful post, a method that'll teach you how to quickly close your Programs that hang up & annoy a lot!

Photo By nongpimmy / freedigitalphotos.net

It is also useful to Completely Close Bluestacks for PC, which doesn't fully close down, even when the "Cross" Button on the top-right corner of the screen is pressed.

Play Audio Files with Video Player on Android

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Recently I've given my personal Experience review on MX Player for Android & its cool features, Here it is:

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MX Player is one of the best Video Player App on Android.

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But is it capable only for playing videos? No, of course not! especially when it has codecs for Playing both Audio & Video Files.
But it doesn't search for/give a method to run Audio files with it.

So I will also teach a method to play Audio Files, like wma or mp3, with MX Player for Android.

Note (Update 23/5/2014 on merryquest): MX Player has updated & now it supports Audio Files in its interface itself, so instead of using the indirect method given in the current post, check out the better one in the following URL:

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The current method (in this article/post) can be used for other Video Players.

I'll also tell you probably 2 reasons, why you'll need to play Audio Files with a Video Player, MX Video Player.

{No Root} Increase Android Sound Volume to 200% of Videos & Audio

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Today I'm gonna show you a method to double Increase Sound Volume of Video & Audio Tracks on Android, i.e. to 200%, without root required on your Phone.

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This method only works for Videos & Audios. This is not a method to increase your Ringtone/Notification Tone Volume.
But this method may probably work for all Android Devices (Phones & Tablets).

I'll be using the app, MX Player, one of the best & most popular Video Playing App on Android. If you want, here's my personal experience review on MX Player for Android:

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Note: 1. I'll also give you a way to play Audio Files like .wma or .mp3 with MX Player.
2. I may not be responsible for any damage.

The Best Video Player App for Android- MX Player

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The below image shows, how you see Videos in MX Player:

Today I've got another review post about a mind-blowing App for Android, Video Playing App, to be precise, MX Player for Android.

-This will not only be a review, but also a Tutorial. I've mentioned some steps also, to have a desired setting.

-This article will also tell you about 10 reasons of WHY TO HAVE MX PLAYER for Android.

-This app is literally Fascinating Video Playing App. But not only videos, it can play Audio Files, like wma or mp3s too.
I'll give you a way to do it too.

-I'll be mentioning here, my favorite features of MX Player.

-I've also given a few tricks that you can do, to enhance this app's features.

-I've also given Google Play Store/Android Market Download Links to the App.

The app exists & has a Free version, as on 04 August, 2013. I don't know about the Future!

Download & Install any Android App to Bluestacks for PC

Hello World

So today I'm gonna blog about the best & most reliable method to download & Install any Android app to Bluestacks for PC. As usual, you can download free apps for free & paid, by paying.

Photo By KROMKRATHOG / freedigitalphotos.net

I'll help you run Android Market/Google Play Store on Bluestacks, so that you can download & install apps.

Download & Install Temple Run 2 Free on Bluestacks for PC

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You already would have heard or even Temple Run 2 on your Device (Smart Phone/Tablet), but have you heard about running it on PC.

So today, I'm presenting an awesome post to Download & then Install Temple Run 2 on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC (Windows/Mac).

Above is Temple Run 2 Gameplay Screenshot on Bluestacks

30 MB

Download & Install Angry Birds Star Wars Full on Bluestacks for PC

Hey Folks

Today I'd like to present you with an awesome post, which tells you How to Download Angry Birds Star Wars on Bluestacks for PC Full, on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC (Windows/Mac).

Here's the gameplay Screenshot of Angry Birds Star Wars:

Bluestacks is a PC software that lets you run Android apps on PC. So we'll use the Android game & run it  on our pc.

Download & Install Viber on Bluestacks for PC Full (NO Smart Phone Required)

Hey Folks

Today I have a very special post for you, which tutors you, how to run the Popular Audio/Text Chatting Android/Other Smart Phones App on Bluestacks for PC (Mac/Windows).

The above screenshot shows Viber running on Bluestacks for PC.

By Audio Chat, I mean you can call anyone, with Viber Installed, for Free.

This helpful method may also aid those, who don't have internet connection on their Smart Phone. They can use Viber on PC, with the help of Bluestacks.

For this method to work, no Smart Phones/Tablets will be required, you'll need only a working Mobile Number & Good PC.
As the app treats Contacts as friends, you can manually add contacts to Bluestacks (by typing), but for importing them from Phone (in .vcf format) , you may need a Smart Phone.

By the way, in one line, Bluestacks is a software, that helps you run Android apps on PC.

Softendo New Super Mario Forever 2012 Full & Free PC Game Download

Hey Friends

1.19 MB Online Installer | 70 MB Complete Game

Today I'd like to give you an extraordinary PC Game, Super  Mario Forever 2012 Full & Free.
I know you'd love it!

When I just took the first glimpse of this game, I immediately decided to blog about it.

Here's the screenshot displaying the start of the game, it seems to be very attractive, isn't it?

Backup Samsung Devices Contacts to PC & Import to Bluestacks

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Photo By Stuart Miles, http://freedigitalphotos.net

Today I'd like to give you a method to backup your Samsung Device (Smart Phone/Tablet) Contacts into PC & then if you want to, to Bluestacks, which will be helpful for apps like "Whatsapp" & "Viber" for Bluestacks.

The formats, in which you can Backup your Contacts are- .sqb, .vcf (VCard) & .csv.

Why I've used the keyword "Samsung" is that Backing up of Contacts, is applicable for Samsung Smart Phones only. If you have any other methods to backup your contacts, in vcard format (.vcard/.vcf), for any phone (not just Samsung). You can still import them to Bluestacks.

The benefit of importing Contacts is that, then you can use those contacts in Bluestacks for apps like "Whatsapp" & "Viber", which require a Smart Phone & an Internet Connection.

But Bluestacks doesn't require you to have a Smart Phone to run "Whatsapp" & "Viber".

Download & Install Whatsapp on Bluestacks for PC (NO Smart-Phone required) Full

Hey Peers

Here's the Screenshot of Whatsapp on Bluestacks:

Today I'll be delighted to show you a method to download & install Whatsapp, the popular Social Networking App on Bluestacks for PC, This well help you install Full version of Whatsapp.

For installing & using Whatsapp for PC, you may not need a Smart Phone, just a working mobile number would be OK.
You can use Whatsapp, by manually adding contacts to Bluestacks. But for importing contacts from Phone to your PC, .vcf format, you may need a good phone.

This method will be useful even for those, who can't access internet from their Smart Phones, but their PC has an internet connection.

Import .vcf Contacts to Bluestacks for PC

Hey People
Photo By Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotos.net

Today I'd love to show you a method to get your Contacts, which you have already Backed up in VCard Files (.vcf), to Bluestacks for PC.

Note: This post is regarding Bluestacks 0.7's method, to see the way to Import .vcf Contact Files into Bluestacks' current (17-03-2014) latest version 0.8, check the following link:

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For Samsung devices (Smart Phones/Tablets), in the below post, I've given a method to backup Contacts, in VCard Files (.vcf) Format, here:

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The benefit of importing Contacts is that, then you can use those contacts in Bluestacks for apps like "Whatsapp" & "Viber", which require a Smart Phone & an Internet Connection.

But Bluestacks doesn't require you to have a Smart Phone to run "Whatsapp" & "Viber".

Add New Contacts to Bluestacks for PC

Hello mates
Photo by phanlop88 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Today I'm gonna present you with a superb yet small method to add contacts to Bluestacks for PC.

Bluestacks has an option to manage contacts, but it took me some time to find it, so here I'm showing you a way to do it, so that you don't get a problem.

Note: This post is for Bluestacks version 0.7. The method to add new contacts in Bluestacks 0.8 (the current-16/03/2014 latest Android 4.0+ devices based version) is different & the Post about it, is in the following link:

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{Best Way} Share Files With Bluestacks SD Card PC

Hey Folks

I've recently posted about the goodness of the awesome Bluestacks for PC, which helps you run Android Apps on your PC only. Here's the post that gives the review & download for it:

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Photo by nuttakit / freedigitalphotos.net

Now, here I'm mentioning THE EASIEST method to share files with the internal SD Card that Bluestacks uses.

This is the best method to transfer files from your PC to Bluestacks App Player.

Run Android apps on your PC- Bluestacks

Hello World

Today I'd like to present you with the simplest way to run Android Apps on your PC. I'll make use of
software called Bluestacks.

Note: This post is about Bluestacks 0.7, to view the article about Bluestacks' latest version 0.8 (currently), check the post in the following link:

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I'll try to fully explain, how to download & then run apps, for your ease.

Here's the screenshot of Bluestacks Main Menu:

10 MB Online Installer | 106 MB Total Download

Attach Files with Gmail App Android

Hey guys

Today I'd love to mention a way to attach files, with emails you send through Gmail App, in android. As a stock version app, in its native form, Gmail App doesn't have the ability to attach files other than pictures and videos & then send email.

Photo by artur84 / freedigitalphotos.net

Here I'm presenting you with the easiest method to attach any file with Gmail app for Android.

Generate Free First Class Fake Airline Ticket For Fun

Hey guys

Photo by artur84 / freedigitalphotos.net

I just found a very funny thing on the internet & therefore decided to share it with you. This is just for Fun & is not at all a utility.

[Explained] Capture Android Screen (No Apps Needed) Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT S5570 Similar Phones

Hey folks

Today I'd like to present you with a simple method to capture/take screenshot of your Android Mobile Screen, without the use of any app.

Photo by digitalart / freedigitalphotos.net

This simple method is applicable for Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 & similar Phones & no apps are needed for it to work.
Yeah the title is a little big, but I guess every word of the title of this post was required.

I've tested this method on Samsung Galaxy mini/Pop GT-S5570 & it fully works. I'm not sure, if it'll work on your device or not, but it's definitely worth giving a shot.

Capturing your screen can help you in many ways, like sharing them with others or even publishing the captured screen on a website or blog.

10minutemail.net Free Disposable Email ID Service

Hey people

I was just surfing the internet & found a very small but handy solution to big problems, that we face on the internet.

Here's a small screenshot of the awesome website:

The makers of the solution, that I'm gonna mention have really put up great piece of imagination & innovation to solve the issue we face today.
This is about getting a quick email id, just for 10 minutes.

Video Conversion for Android/other Device- Imtoo Video Converter (Everything Explained)

Hello Folks
Photo By twobee / freedigitalphotos.net

Today I'd love to mention a way to convert videos for your Android Device or any other mobile phone  or Tablet or Ipod etc. according to your video quality needs & your device itself, using your PC.

I'll make use of a software know as Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate. I've given a Personal-Experience review & download link for it, here:

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Transfer Unfinished Torrent Downloads From Device to Device (uTorrent)

Hello World
Photo By sheelamohan / Freedigitalphotos.net

Recently, I was using utorrent for Torrent Downloads & noticed a very strange & useful, small but important Trick.

It is a trick that'll help you transfer your unfinished downloads & continue it on another pc. Isn't it great Flexibility & Portability.

Appropriate/Correct/Right Video Size For Video Conversion

Hey Friends

Have you ever tried to convert videos for your device, like Tablet, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone, Android Device or iPhone & found that the out video size is very odd & doesn't properly fit with the video screen of your device.

Photo By Master isolated images / freedigitalphotos.net

If you are choosy like me, this can be really irritating at times. So I found a simple solution to the above problem or issue.

I use Imtoo Video Converter, but the solution mentioned here, is applicable for any kind of video converter.

Open With/Open As Option for Android

Hey mates

Have you ever used Android & Windows!
One of the most Small but important features, that Windows has but Android doesn't is the open with, option on any file in windows, unavailable in most (probably all!) Android Phones natively.

Photo By David Castillo Dominici / Freedigitalphotos.net

But Don't worry! I've found a way to Open with/Open as any file on android too & here I am presenting that  to you.

Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate or any video converter | All Features Explained | Physical Significance

Hey guys
Photo By VistaICO.com [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

I recently gave a post on my personal experience review of Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate/ Imtoo Video Converter (latest name).

Here's that post, with personal experience review:

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Many technical terms have been used in this software (maybe in some other software too!), like video bitrate, framerate etc. So I'd like to present you with these kind of terms' PHYSICAL SIGNIFICANCE that is, their use in real life & how do they effect video.

This guide should be helpful even for users who don't use this software but want to know how technical video/audio terms (like frame rate, bit rate) affect the media & what are usually good settings for the same.

And yes, I'll give an explaination of the most significant features of the software. This guide will show my own user experience of video conversion.

There are many features that are mostly hidden in this software & not revealed  otherwise you use it. I'll try to uncover these in this post about Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate/ Imtoo Video Converter.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Personal Experience review

Hey guys

Today, I'd like to show you the awesomest download manager for pc, giving my own Personal Experience Review & trying to explain all the features of the Internet Download Manager.

There are many features of this software, that are overshadowed & mostly not highlighted. I'd cover them up too, so that you may understand, "Why is it THE BEST." I'll try to give almost all the relevant features of this superb piece of software.
See the screenshot of IDM interface & Que Editing below:

All these features will be discussed in "ALL FEATURES EXPLAINED" Section.

Queuing Downloads Superb Internet Download Manager Feature

Hey Fellas
Photo By Timeless Photography / freedigitalphotos.net

Recently I gave a post about Internet Download Manager Personal Experience Review & all Features Explained. Here I would like to mention details about its feature, QUEUING DOWNLOADS.

Here's the link to the Personal Experience Review & All Features Explained post about Internet Download Manager:

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