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Here's the screenshot of Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate Main Menu:

So now, I'd like to talk about Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate or alias name- Imtoo Video Converter, & as given by the company, its an "ALL-IN-ONE Solution"& according to me, for anything you want to do with a video, as a normal user (not encoder!).

Below is personal experience review of the software. I tell you, Imtoo Video converter is suitable of many media files, including both Videos & Audio.

I'll also try to explain HOW TO USE Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate/Imtoo Video Converter.

In the post below, I've given all the features, with full explanation of this software:

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An encoder is someone/something that deals with every aspect of video (including audio :P), and therefore video conversion or encoding itself becomes a subject study for them, whereas video conversion is at a slight lower level than that.

The difference between Adobe Photoshop & Picasa Image editor is same as difference between encoding & conversion respectively. Although sometimes, they are used as same words!

Common video Encoding softwares are meGUI & Handbrake. The latter is a little less complex.

Anyways back to our software, Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate/Imtoo Video Converter, which is a VIDEO CONVERTER.


As I mentioned above, this one is a video converter, not encoder, but don't think it'll not give you good features. It's an ALL-IN-ONE Solution for your video conversion, for any device.

It supports almost all the formats, AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, MPEG-4 AVC, RM, MOV, MKV, 3GP, FLV, etc.

Also it is available on only Windows Platform, Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7 & probably Windows 8 too.

It has different profiles/categories, for different kind of devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, NDS, Wii, BlackBerry, iRiver, etc.
This has been done for user's ease, there's general profile too.

Personally, I'd say use this software, you'll no more need to find different soft-wares for cutting & converting or different purposes, it's an all-in-one package & therefore is the Ultimate one. Use the Trial Version first-up & I tell you, you'll be forced to get the complete/full version, because of this thing's qualities.

Here I'm presenting a features list of the cool Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate/Imtoo Video Converter:

1. I mentioned the popular formats above, it almost uses all video/audio formats, as both input & ouput.

There's a problem with most conversion softwares that hey don't support .flv (flash video) format, but this does.

2. It has different profiles for different devices, as mentioned earlier.

3. For Video Stream\Codec, it can:

Set Bitrate
Set Frame Rate
Video size
Same quality\not
2-pass conversion
Set Aspect Ratio


4. For Audio Stream/Codec, it can:

Set Sample Rate
Volume Control
Disable Audio


5. There are options for picture codec & Meta-Data too.

6. But thats not all, you can do more with your Media File (Both video & Audio), under Effects Section. Infact, it's my favorite part, you can:

Crop the Video Screen. It's not common for videos, in-fact it's not easy to find a video cropper although there are many image croppers.

Set Brightness, contrast & Saturation, another very uncommon feature.

Add a watermark image to your video

Change & Configure the audio.

add hard-coded subtitles to your video.

7. Finally there is an option to cut the video too.

So, if we think as a normal user, this Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate/Imtoo Video Converter has given all the features or even more.


Although this software, Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate/Imtoo Video Converter, is paid, but there's a trial version available.

I guess, the limitation in trial version of Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate/Imtoo Video Converter, is that, it'll covert videos only with first three minutes.

Here's the official page of the software, where you can download it & see more:

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I hope you liked the above review.
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  1. yup agree, I use this software for almost 3 years and the latest software they have now is really fast, and has a good video and audio quality in the output.

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