Simple way to Pause Installers & other windows ongoing processes

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Today I'd like to show you a simple method/trick to pause ongoing processes in windows like Big File Installers & others like big files copying, without much hassle.

Have you ever installed big file or tried to copy about Gigabytes or even Terabytes of data which takes about 3 hours or more, but want to pause the windows processes. Here I'll show you a simple logic to do it.


So, to do it, all you need to do is put your pc under hibernation or sleep mode when the process is going on. That's it!
Then, when you'll start your pc again, the process will resume from where you had left.

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This may also be useful for Large file downloading which doesn't provide you resume support.

To Hibernate or sleep in windows, on the Desktop Screen, press the shortcut ALT+F4, & you'll see options to sleep, hibernate or shut down your windows.
So just use them.

Basically Sleep mode is more useful than Hibernation if you want to pause your computer's processes for a short period of time, whereas Hibernation is for longer time, liked days.

If you cannot see the Hibernate option in Windows 7 (or probably Windows 8), follow the following steps:

1. Go-to Control Panel > Power Options (in icons view).
2. Whichever is your active plan, click "Change plan settings."
3. Click on "Change advance Power options."
4. In the menu of Dialog box that appear, click on "Sleep", then on "Allow Hybrid Sleep" & set the option to "off".
5. "Apply" & Click "OK".
6. Now restart your PC.

Hibernation option should now be available.

I hope you found the above method useful.


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