[Solution] Pages Already Added but Not Visible Blogger

Hello World

Today I faced a little issue, found a solution & therefore decide to tell you about it.

The above Screen is the evidence to the issue.

I noticed that Pages (on Tabs) were not visible on my blogger blog, but when I tried to add them add them as gadget, I couldn't & it said that they were already added.


This problem was especially noted in the new Blogger interface.

So here's a simple solution to the issue:

First make sure that when you try to add the gadget (in "Layout" option on your blog owner's view Page), it shows already added. Then:

See the below screen to completely realize what to do:

Go-to Pages option on the right side of your blog owner's view. On the above side of page, you'd see "Don't allow" option, just click that, select your desired Layout & then in Layout option on the right, Pages Gadget will now be visible.

That's it!

I hope you were able to find your solution.

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  2. Hello... Please Check My Blogger http://www.virtualexports.in/. Earlier Pages are visible but now not visible. I do no what to do? Please Help me!.... I tried Your as your post said but not works for me..

    1. I tried but for some reason, your website is not accessible anymore.

    2. Any Update Plz.. Still not pages is working in my Blogger http://www.virtualclouds.in. Any suggestion on this?

    3. I can see pages on your website Issac About Us, Contact, Love to Thankful etc.

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