Tutorial to Download & Add Subtitles to Movie or Episode

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Today I'd love to present you a post on How to Download and then Add Subtitles of your language choice from the internet to your video, movie or episode.

Have you got a movie, episode or a video, but not sure, where to get its subtitles/Captions and then add them to your video o that you may have better understanding of it.

Here I present you with the answer of above.


So first-up we'll need the subtitles, mostly .srt file, which you will need to download from internet & then add to your video.

Don't worry .srt file is a small file & it'll not steal your internet bandwidth. This will be the file which will contain subtitles for your video.

Here I'm giving some tips to download your .srt file:

1. Go-to subtitleseeker.com.

Here's the screenshot of Subtitleseeker.com:

This website is a great & according to me, the best portal for searching subtitles on the internet. The best thing I like about this is that it contains subtitles from almost all websites & doesn't itself host any subtitles.

It also provides a good, easy-to-use interface.

You can also use other websites, if you want, like:


But I tell you, subtitleseeker will also contain results from these websites, mostly.

2. Now in that portal, search for your movie, episode or video. In the next page, choose your language & go-to the next page.

3. Mostly, when you download a video from the internet, it contains a name in the video file name  it can be a website; a quality standard like Dvdrip, HDRip etc., or even the encoders name.

In your search results, you' should try to match your video file-name mark (mentioned above), with the subtitle name.

Click on the subtitle that matches the best with your video & download it from the respective website you are redirected to.

4. Now that you have a Trial srt or any other subtitle file (Trial because you haven't tested it with your video), you'll need to test it on your video whether it's movie or episode.

Use a good media player to run your video, like VLC, which can downloaded from below link:

Download Now from Official VLC Website

5. Simply drag your subtitle file to your  video, while it's running in VLC.

Now check whether sound matches the subtitles visible, if it does, mission accomplished.
If it doesn't Repeat the process using any other subtitle on the Subtitleseeker website.

Note: If you were not able to get your subtitles from the website (s) mentioned above, you can also simply Google Them.

6. If all or some of your subtitles are little ahead or behind the audio, you can set offset using the software given in below article:

View Now

Now that you have the software, Google-Search "how to set offset to a video using Subtitle Workshop" to get your answer.

Setting Offset isn't a big tutorial, don't worry!


So now that we've found our subtitle file & video, we'll need to combine them as always dragging subtitles to your video is uncomfortable.

Also other devices like Smart phones, may not support this feature. So here's I'll give 2 methods to do it.


This is the easiest method & requires practically no changes to video, simply keep, both the subtitle file & your video in the same folder with the same name, but different extension.

A good media player will itself recognize the subtitle whenever you'll play the video.

Hard-Coded using Software

If you are unable to imply the above method for other devices like mobile phone, don't worry , you can actually combine the video & its subtitle into one file using a good video encoding software like:

Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate

See the Main Menu Screenshot of Imtoo Video Converter below:

Although this software's full version is paid, but still it's an awesome one. It'll help you to combine subtitles & video together for most devices. Here's the link for official web-page of the software:

Visit Now

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I hope you liked the above way to find & add subtitles and also got your answer.


Please Ask your question/Give your opinion, here, I love to read User Comments.

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