Tutorial to use your own message/notification tone (Android)

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So I'd like to talk about a simple tutorial to use your own notification tone on android, which is missed feature in it, I guess (for stock rom).

As an information, I'd like to tell you that, in android, you can use any song as ringtone by playing it & then choosing options to set it as ringtone, but this isn't applicable to message/notification tone.


Here you go:

1. Create a folder named "notifications", in your sd card (memory card) or internal memory.
2. Now just add your favorite tones or songs in it.
3. You now just need to go to your settings & there you'll see your the tones you've added, where you got to selection of ringtones.

Nice Wasn't it?

This method has been tested on Samsung galaxy phone series, running android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

I hope you found this helpful.


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